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Artist: Little Brother f/ Chaundon
Album:  The Chitlin Circuit 1.5
Song:   Starvation
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Yeah, it's Chaundon, and Little Brother
Khrysis on the boards with the heat
We bout to turn this muh'fuckin Chitlin Circuit out
Yeah, yeah

The hottest product out, got my name on it
Everybody rap nowaday, the difference is I get payed for it
Fliers got my face on it... (you know my steez)
Takin pictures with some bitches, telling paparazzi "cheese"
My arrogance got me walkin with a mean swagger
Hooks and punch lines will make your team stand up
Between women and weed I only fuck with dimes
And both habits don't affect my money or my mind
I'm always on the grind, can't afford to fall behind
(And you wack ass niggas) can't eclipse my shine
(You can't handle the truth) Chaundon stay winnin
I'm a problem behind bars like Mission Linen
You need a sixteen? I'm the man for the job
Been nice since Mike got his first nose job
You could never get the best of me
If I was Alex Trebek, I would bet your whole career would be in Jeopardy!

Uh, 'Te and Chaundilla... get on the mic and clash like titans
Strike like lightnin, and what's quite frightenin
Is the fact that there'll never be another quite like him
Scratch rap, my category's insight writin
Cause the sound of my voice could insight bias
And my teetering style invites bitin - yes
That nigga got flows, and he do got hoes
Whether they hot does or inside HIAS
Phonte's the man to do it - y'all spineless
While my shit is timeless like Jammin Lewis
Only because you need it, and dog best believe that
You the livest nigga walkin only because I'm seeded
Heavyweight rhyme shit - y'all about to see it
Have the crowd stretched out like a Sealy Posturepedic
My nigga Khrysis beat knock and rock the speakers
Till all competition is obsolete as Phonte nigga

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Uh, everybody wanna see some focus
I say to everybody "Be chill, cause I know this"
I wrote this for a show down south
In the lab, where your ass? You can blow things out
Word of mouth got me close ta
Bein a recurrent theme on your kid's poster
I'm boast a, record that the average rapper
What you know? He can't even come close ta
We roast up, any opposition
Itchin and scratch us with them frail compositions
I'm on a mission yo, and I dedi-
cated my flow to critics and assholes
And also, new swagger, now Rapper
swings a dagger that's bigger than Conan's
I'm too lesbian to hold hands
Wish about better days when you endin, see I promise man
Just bought the new Big Tymers man
Don't be mad - I heard Mickie D's is now hir-an
Till that day I'm retir-an
I'ma be on a level that's more higher than - you!