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Artist: Little Brother
Album:  The Chitlin Circuit 1.5
Song:   The Beginning
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[Intro: Phonte]
The song ends and we must begin again
Illmind, playin the sad songs, won't be no sad song tonight baby
There will be no sad songs tonight, as we begin to give you something new
Ladies and gentlemen, I wanna thank y'all for tuning in
This is Chitlin Circuit 1.5
I go by the name, Phontigga Phonte, I got a couple of names
My partner Rapper, Rapper Big Pooh, Pooh, he got a couple of names too
9th Wonder, 9th Wond-raw, he got a couple of names
Illmind on the track, we gon' get it goin, let me slide into it
Check it out, uh

Check Tigallo up your the spot, he's so flagrant
Bitch, my love sign reads no vacancy
You might as well consider yourself vagrant
This is for those that said we wouldn't make it
And didn't understand how far we that would take it
Sittin back thinkin in amazement
Tryna figure out where their days went
That's why me and Pooh stick to the basics

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Young'n just face it, the game need a facelift
Some things rearrange, some will shape shift
Cut and paste this, there's some cottonmouth niggas who should taste this
I'm Terry Tate on the mic, come face this
Got to go all in ya truck like a U-Haul
Me and 'Te do y'all, you don't want it on the mic, nigga screw y'all
I heard your record and you sound better than who y'all?

[Chorus: woman singer]
It's something new, you better believe
Feels so good to me, it's the beginning
It's the start of something new, feels so good to me
You better believe it's the beginning

We bout to get it started right now y'all, uh
Check Tigallo up your spot, he's still stunnin
Wifey talkin bout she still cuming
Cause I hit her off with different strokes like Phil Drummond
You don't want beef cause they will run in
Your crib and bounce with the metre still runnin
Don't get it confused, them LB dudes
Do get down and for that crown I'm still gunnin
This is real young'n

[Rapper Big Pooh]
So let me tell you somethin
It's a hundred verses runnin, Poobie still gunnin
For that number one spot, and shit won't stop
Till I'm from the plannin cemented at the top
Drop me never, I'm as good as it get
Grip like pliers on your television sets
While you're all upset I'm just speaking the facts
Getting bent out of shape, you don't know how to act
Niggas, I'm just talking bout rap


Uh, last time around, yo
Check Tigallo up in your spot, he's so drastic
His stage presence ain't wrapped too tight
It seems larger than life and he appears so massive
That's why you bastards like to watch me
Cause I rhyme so classic like Tchaikovsky
And I ain't thinkin bout no paparazzi
Big Dough go and pop the 'razzi nigga
Cause this is celebration
With the beats and the rhymes and we elevatin
And all the people, I can tell they waitin

[Rapper Big Pooh]
My right hand so devastating
And it tend to have a mind of its own
It don't exhibit patience, racin
Through lines and books
Do this shit for a livin, it ain't simple as it looks
When that ink run dry better be a good cook
Have a job lined up or be a great crook
Another heart gets took


[Outro: Phonte]
Uh, Illmind is down with us
I say, the J-League, they down with us
I say, Joe Scudda, he down with us
And uh, 9th Wonder, yeah he down with us
I say, Big Dough, he down with us
That's my manager, you know he down with us
And uh, O-Dash is down with us
And uh, Yazahrah is down with us
And uh, D-Brock, he down with us
And everybody out there, yeah you down with us
Uh, J-League, Little Brother, Chitlin Circuit 1.5