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Artist: Little Brother
Album:  Getback
Song:   The Getaway *
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* iTunes Bonus Track

[Intro - repeat]
"Can't get awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Can't get awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Can't get awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Just can't go away"

[Rapper Big Pooh - Intro]
Yeah, uh and just like that
We back again, uh - Little Brother

Mic, predator, eat any competitor
Had to double back cause I been way ahead of the
curve that they settin up, nerve they forgettin-uh
Heard that we ushered in, heard we was sufferin
NO - Poobie's recoverin, just a little bufferin
Took a little Bufferin, now I'm back tougher than
Can't get enough of them, no we don't follow trends
Threw me in the deep end to find out that I can swim
I take my time to configure each rhyme
One line at a time to show you I'm that G'REAL
Pound for pound, nigga skill for skill
Ain't nobody fuckin wit me, I bet my deal, chill
Chumps is +mad,+ while folks is +Glad+
Just to know I got it Ziploc'd up in the bag
Just to know I got 'er out hard up in the ave
It's Little Brother, trust you don't want no problems wit THAT!

"Can't get awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Can't get awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Can't get awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Just can't go away"

[Pooh overlaps]
Hah, I told y'all man, the jab is mean
The hook is nice, the uppercut is sweet
I'm in the best shape of my career
Yeah, let's, GO!

Uh, aiyyo they thought that I would lose it
Thought that I would do wrong
My third time around, they say, "He should find a new charm"
But Tay's unaffected, he's chillin sippin ooh-Long Tea
Doin me, been too strong for too long
On that Mary J. shit, they sayin he should "Move On"
Cain't cut the mustard, cain't slice the Poupon
Sheeit! Cut it out, like a coupon
Tay is the truth, I'm +Livin' Proof+ like the Group Home
Ain't another team gettin live enough, arms ain't wide enough
to make the party people jump off the wall
My rhymes for real niggaz, cause that's who feel niggaz
My words, heal niggaz like it's altar call
And it's time for me to slay these fakes
They could try to remove but they could never replace
Start tithing dawg, hit that collection plate
fo' Reverend Tiggallo Dollar, Bishop Tay D. Jakes
Niggaz made the mistake of thinkin we couldn't bounce back
Thought that we would bounce back, to Carolina cause we couldn't handle ours
You never heard no nigga spit no bad raps
So why y'all think a bad lap would stop my marathon
I can't believe they believe I would leave
like a teabag, lookin in my face like He-Man
Well your assumptions are kinda out of place
and slightly off-base/off base like a nigga leavin rehab
I would never stop, never quit, never falter
Never bend, never break, never change, never alter my
style - so fly, it's testament to my
perfection, let us have a "B" selection from the choir - CHU'CH!

[choir sings the chorus replacing the sample]


[DJ Flash cuts and scratches]
"I'm kinda fly wit it"
"Black Dante, Mr. Phonte, cold perfection" <--  Mos Def
"I'm kinda fly wit it"
"The NEW Geto Boys, yo +We Can't Be Stopped+"
"I'm kinda fly wit it"
"We can take it from NY to NC" <-- Big Daddy Kane
"I'm kinda fly wit it"
"Who you came to see and who you came to rock for"

[church organ plays]

"kinda fly wit it, I was bless with the talent to rhyme"
{slowed down} ďand MUTHAFUCKAS I'MA DIE WIT IT..."

[music stops]

I want you to know that you buyin classic material
Like, this is what it is!