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Artist: Little Brother
Album:  Getback
Song:   When Everything Is New
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[Intro - Phonte (Big Pooh)]
Waddup y'all? It's Phonte, I got my man Big Pooh up here with me
(Yeah!) It's about 6'o clock in the Chopp Shopp, man
We...y'know finally reachin the end of this album and I just wanna thank y'all, like..
I was never a big fan of doin the whole long talk 
monologue shit at the end of the album but..
in the light of all the shit me and my nigga done been through past in a couple of..
Man like I feel it's only right to show the love back 
to the people that's been supportin us and..
(It's only right) ynahmsayin? Like, people always ask us like,
"Yo man, do y'all ever feel bad that, y'know you ain't gettin the shine y'all deserve"
"You ain't get this, you ain't get that.."
Man, I could be mad about a whole lotta shit but, at the end of the day you still here..
(Still here, baby!) Ynahmsayin? We still doin our shit
And it's's like yo man..
The main thing we want y'all to take from this album
You don't take shit else from this record, man
If you don't get nothin else, man from the whole..
The whole story of Little Brother, man, just know that..
We just two niggas that did not quit, man, through whatever
(Ever!) ALL the shit we done been through, dawg
These niggas never let up, man it's like..
(NEVER!) That's just life, dawg youknahmsayin? You gotta get up..
You gotta keep doin ya thang, youknahmean?
(STILL HERE, BABY!) Keep it movin..Let's go!
[Singing interlude]
When everything is young, fresh, and neeeeeeeeeeww...
When everything is young, fresh, and neeeeeeeeeeww...Ooh-ooh..
Another morning, (wake up wake up) as the night fades away
I wish she would stay for awhiiiile (for awhiiiile)
Another warning, (wake up wake up) not to waste all our daaays (waste all our days)
So let's greet today with a smile (Smiii-iiii-iii-iile...)
When everything is young, fresh, and neeeeeeeeeeww...
When everything is young, fresh, and neeeeeeeeeeww...Ooooh..oooh..
[Rapper Big Pooh]
Uh, I know it sounds like an endin, this is a beginning
The wheels keep spinnin on a brand new thought
And people all the time sayin Rapper Pooh ought 
to go back to school, stop playin cool 
We'll stop by the pool, no shame belly showin
Hate motivate last time to keep flowin
That was last time I evolved as a man
And as I got older I begin to understand
that dreams do change, goals rearranged 
It's no longer fame I aspire to attain
Cause fame is a drain where your morals get flushed
Values get crushed and we no longer trust
What got us here in the first place, for me it only takes one case
The verdict's been read, these words been said now I K-I-M
It's plenty people left who believin in them (WORD?)
And this here's the next chapter in my life
An ongoing saga I decided to write
I decided it's right, you decide if you like
You decide that you like, God bless and goodnight! 
Peace to my nigga Jozeemo
And we gon +Keep it Movin+ like Soul II Soul
Tay raps is the coldest, even though I feel 
like the oldest twenty-eight year old I know
Remember back in the days on the GTA
When me and Aunt Gilles used the bus pass
Now I go out on the road, come home see my kids like,
"Damn nigga, when you get a moustache?"
In '98, lost my stepfather, around the same time that I met my partner
Goin round campus as the shit starters 
God damn! Time passes like Brett Favre
And if you try to catch up, then don't even bother
That's why I can't do the shit I usta do no mo'
This world'll try to break you with lies and fables
Make you not even believe in you no mo'
Had to get back to me, get back to mines
Get back to fam, get back to rhymes
Lay down at night and say without shame
Today I was a man, tomorrow I'll be the same
Be a bonfire when others are just a flame
Be a memory when others are just a name..
That's real words from a true heart
You can take it as a old ending or a new start
..Whatchu thought, UH! 
[Phonte - singing interlude]
Feel brand neeeeeeeww.. 
And I'm just so happy to say..
Feel brand neeeeeeeww..
Just so happy to seeeeeee..
Feel brand neeeeeeeww..
Embrace another day to see the sun, brand neeeeeeeww..'s bout to be Friday morning joint, dawg
One more time, yeah..
Raise it up...
[Ad-libs and instrumental ‘til fade]