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Artist: Little Brother f/ Von Pea
Album:  Little Brother & Mick Boogie: And Justus For All
Song:   A Word From Our Sponsors
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[Von P]
My literature, is literal bruh
I'm killin you niggas in every syllable bruh
Somebody call TM the little of us
Mad cause they crew don't get a similar buzz
Cuz, our flavor sounds like vibrators
Phones on silent, clippers, sky pagers
Put it together, the road less traveled we all put it together
Shoes will holes in em and tunes with soul in em
So, our footprints show no signs of tiring
Yep we on a roll like folks in a retirement
Homes get acquired we zoned in new environments
Legendary it is and y'all know the league
I'll give it about a year the league will be the lead
I'll give it about a year the league will be the lead
I'll give it about a year (the league crew)
Y'all give it about a year the league will be the leader
And me, I'm Von Pea from a tribe called Tonya
Time to pay the bills a word from our sponsors

A lot of people wanna talk about me
But see me in person and put they arm around me
Take pics for they page through tits in my face
But turn around and ring the alarm about me
I guess I gotta get used to this public eye shit
I try to do my best and act within reason
I never thought y'all even cared about 'Te
But touché apparently my dick in season
And everybody wants a free ride
Because the truth and the power of my words can't be denied
Phontigga is still the head nigga in charge
Got all you mufuckas sayin fair eastside
With your hand on your heart
But I see through the bullshit your sellin cause nobody's buyin
Y'all niggas too shook to be y'all selves
Scared to pledge allegiance so you fame alliance
That's why I roll with the niggas who get what I am
I ain't got time for you idiots
So peace to my nigga Don, my nigga Von
And can't forget my main man Ilias
Because they move like leaders
Got the competition spellbound like a kilo
And we ain't got to thug it out
You're so sorry, me, I'm so Ari
So I'ma let you bitches go hug it out
Because I'm shittin on your Entourage
Milkin it for all its worth like Haagen Dazs
It ain't hard with my man named Von
From a team called Tonya
I'm out for now that's the word from your sponsor