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Artist: Little Brother
Album:  Little Brother & Mick Boogie: And Justus For All
Song:   Never Leave
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Uh...yeah, it's so amazing

[Sample of Love Unlimited's "I Love You So (Never Gonna Let You Go)" plays]
{I'll never leave, I'll never leave, never leave baaaaa-baaaaay 4X} 

Little Brother, Mick Boogie on the mixtape 
Aiyyo Mick check it out man, it's a lotta niggaz
that think Little Brother can't do no street joint, youknowwhatI'msayin?
So now I-I gotta get on this track 
I gotta "Justify My Thug" a little bit, youknowwhatI'msayin?
I gotta - I gotta go back and moisturize my situation, youknowwhatI'msayin?
Let these boys know I can do it anyway they want, youknowhatI'msayin?
It's Phontigga, it's for the streets!

C'mon, this is for my niggaz on the corner
Them boys on the block, steady movin that work
All through your community, you need a fundraiser?
Them boys'll come through and even slang it to church
In the kitchen all day long over the stove, yep
Servin them fiends, steady cookin them O's
'Til the smell get all on they clothes; keep niggaz heavy 
in the streets, and they fuck the fattest of hoes
See the fiends line up tryna get that fix
Anytime, day or night, they'll scratch that itch 
Have you runnin to ya mans like, "This that shit!"
Yeah, they paper stay long and they money is thick
I know a lotta niggaz gon' have to run this back like
"Damn Tay, when the fuck you start promotin crack?"
It ain't as bad as it might seem; I'm just shoutin out
my niggaz down at Krispy Kreme, now holla back, what?

{Love Unlimited sample plays while Phonte overlaps}
OH!! Krispy Kreme will never leave the streets, nigga!!
Dunkin' Donuts - FUCK 'EM!!
Little Debbie - FUCK 'EM!!
Glazed donuts, chocolate donuts, apple fritters,
whatever you need, it's NOTHIN!
You get that Krispy Kreme, all the doe/dough boys go CRAAAZY, OH!!
Big Pooh, c'mon!

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Yeah, I make moves, make money
Made a lotta other people smile when shit wah'nt funny
Always lookin out thinkin, "What they want from me?"
I seen better times, everyday it ain't sunny
when the birds ain't chirpin, niggaz at home
feelin sorry for themselves when they should be out workin
Witness no hustle, seen no drive
He feel hopeless, niggaz strivin and you wonder why you struggle
In the past years, operated with a muzzle
Saw moods change but thangs begin to bubble
{?} hugs from women who now luh' you
Sat back, watched all the pieces to the puzzle
Put it all together, tryna make sense
But until they see dollars, it ain't gettin no better
Niggaz get ahead of themselves
but Pooh been on the grind tryna rhyme yo sense and yo ?swerve?, you gotta KNOW!!

{Love Unlimited sample plays while Big Pooh overlaps}
Oh my GAWD!! 
I'm on my muh'fuckin grizzy right now!
*says teasingly* Hi haters! *Pooh cracks up*
I know you muh'fuckers can't get enough of me, man
It know it's some niggaz out there, they can't sleep at night
They up, they nervous, they wonderin if I'm in the lab
You fuckin RIGHT I'm in the lab, nigga! 
Ha! We got another one!