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Artist: Little Brother f/ Oh No
Album:  Little Brother & Mick Boogie: And Justus For All
Song:   Stylin'
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[Intro] [Big Pooh Speaking]
Yeah, from NC to Oxnard. Nigga we go hard. Ha

[Verse One] [Big Pooh]
I was that chubby kid, I ain't talk too much
And even though I could I never use that crutch
It's funny when you're older, makin' moves and such
How people find a way to get in your clutch
And they do touch and rub some nigga foul
Thinkin' shit gravy cause you seen me smile
I'm givin' up inches, you want the whole mile
And when I tell 'em, "Stop" that's when hoes get wild
Flood the in box, constant calls comin' in
I hit the "Back" button and she callin' me again
I'm thinkin' out loud, "When is this gon' end?"
Will you ever get the message, I don't wanna be your friend
I don't want to have a talk, I got nothin' to say
You actin' real immature, go somewhere and play
Told the baby, "Break out" like Chad or Shay
Yes Poobie is for real, it would make my day

[Chorus] [Big Pooh]
But first you get money stylin'
Get fame wildin'
Bitches start wowin'
Niggas start pilin'
Then niggas start wowin'
Bitches start pilin'
Get fame stylin'
Make money wildin'
Niggas get mad start stylin' on you
Bitches get mad start wowin' on you
Make a lil' money they start pilin' on you
Get a lil' fame they start wowin' on you

[Verse Two] [Big Pooh]
I ain't never had a dollar to my name, fuck fame
Get a lil' bit people around you start to change
Palms reachin' out, speakin' 'bout what they did
We was both down and out now the situation big
You supposed to be my nig
It will never be the same
We both pointin' fingers at each other placin' blame
You on that David Blane
I'm on a higher plain
A blow to the people who don't know what's insane
A motherfuckin' shame how this whole thing turned
We had to end it homie before somebody got burned
I hate this kind of lesson, find myself second guessin'
The burden here is lessened, experience earned
And before this take a turn for the worse
I think it's in both our best interest if we go again disperse
I know what you thinkin', but homie the truth hurts
I never thought gettin' this bread would be a curse


[Verse Three] [Oh No]
Now Rock City's tryin' to get that cake
See I was raised in the burbs with the birds and the snakes
So at an early age I had to learn everybody's mistake
So by now everybody can call me the great
It's Oh No
With more signs than skitzos
Niggas let them lips go, that leaves their lids blown
And homie I'm gettin' blown so y'all can get gon'
Can't hang around me dawg so we don't get along
And shows with hoes, it's no damn difference
They beyond overthrow but no bullshittin'
There's only one ride
And then they gettin' dropped off
So when they start wildin', pssst, please you can walk off
Now put that in your Coach's knockoff and bag it up
And add it to my roach's up in Oxnard
They always knew me like they think they do
They thought they knew
Shit I'm doin' it big with Pooh