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Artist: Little Brother f/ Tiye Phoenix
Album:  Little Brother & Mick Boogie: And Justus For All
Song:   Too Late for Us
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[Intro] [Phonte Speaking]
Yes yes. Let's go. You know how like, it's always... 
They talkin' 'bout it's always the one that got away or whatever
When you lose that one, that shit be hurtin
like a motherfucker bro, I ain't gonna lie to you
This is what it be like, it be like this...

[Verse One] [Phonte singing]
I spent all weekend, sleepin', on her side of the bed
Cause I had nothing to do
(She packed her shit and now she's gone)
Called every number in my cell phone
Just so I could try to find a replacement for you
(But everybody's blown up on a Saturday night)
They say that miserly loves company
But I don't agree cause I'm all alone
(All alone by your God damn self again)
If I had a canvas I would paint a million colors in her name
But I'll put 'em in this song
(Maybe she'll come back to me)
Let it go

Never want water till the well is dry
Never want stars till there ain't no sky
Never know when and you don't know why
But don't say it's too late for us
Never want to sail till your ship is gone
Never want a house till you can't go home
But you and me baby girl we can't go wrong
So don't say that it's too late for us

[Verse Two] [Phonte rapping]
Hey, it's been a moment
And you're lookin' like a tenderoni
I wrote this song for you and you can sing along if
You want to, there's somethin' about you, I can't put my finger on it
I don't know why we put ourselves through unnecessary stress and
Pain and then get inebriated 
Just so we can try to sooth and alleviate it 
But when we got a good thing, can't appreciate it
Just like the chick I had on my team
Was everything on my wish list
Spend the holidays, Valentines and Christmas
Now I'm in the club, lookin' at other broads like,
"I gave up home cooked meals for this shit?
I gave up all them back rubs for this bitch?"
The whole damn thing is bass ackwards
This is the last chapter
Break up to make up like Max Factor
Done, came to my senses now I'm right back at ya
Let's go


[Verse Three] [Tiye Phoenix]
Packed my suitcase
To move away
I couldn't stay
It's the right thing to do
(Leave his ass alone)
So much has changed, quite pretender
There's still a chance we could be friends
Try to see if from my point of view
(Try to see it)
Admit things aren't the same
It's not your fault and I'm not to blame
Really no one's right and no one's wrong
(It's just the way it is)
Relationships get rough
Sometimes love just ain't enough
To keep it goin' strong
No choice but to move on you'll see
Never miss your water till your well runs dry
Too many nights sat alone to cry
That's a fact that we can't deny
It's too late for us
Nothing left for me to do
But to move on away from you
I know you love me and I love you too
It's too late for us

[Tiye Phoenix rapping]
Put all the talk to rest
Such an awful mess
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone, see how dark it gets?
You lost the best, not a spark is left
You had love but often slept
Like a narcolep
Lonely nights I often wept
Now I'm takin' smarter steps
Everybody plays a fool, I played that part I guess
We had to give it a (try)
Couldn't deny we was livin' a (lie)
Too fly to listen to (Tiye)
Now you missin' my aaaah
No need to ice grill me baby, keep your chilly vibe
You're old news baby, Angelina/Billy Bob
Way before Brad
Can't play your doormat
I've cover status, supermodel 
Warn your favorite sport's mag
Givin' me the fifth degree
Tellin' me how you missin' me
Wallowing in your misery 
You awoke with an epiphany 
You forced my hand, divorce is the plan
I'm past Main Source
Lookin' At The Door, the door slammed