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Artist: Little Brother
Album:  Left Back
Song:   Tigallo For Dolo
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[Chorus 1]
By myself
H.O.J., even when I'm by myself
Little Brother, even when I'm by myself
Foreign Exchange, even when I'm by myself
Zo! & Tigallo, even when I'm by myself
Justus League, even when I'm by myself

Phontigallo for dolo
Smile for the camera, nigga, pose for the photo
Pause for the promo 
Cause failure's a no-no
Back on my fly shit
So green with envy, kiss me, I'm Irish
Niggas be asking me "Who we got to ride with? "
They saying "Come back Tay, we been cravin'"
We need LB to come and save the rap game
But, truthfully
I don't think the shit needs savin'
I think we got wives and sons that need raisin'
New dreams to fill and for that, we need patience
Twenty-one years old, I used to slang verses
But ten years later, I am not the same person
Whole new perspective, not the same purpose
And sometimes I have to question if I even want it
Not mad at the game cause it is what it is
And not mad at the radio cause I don't know what's on it
Be in my own universes when I be doing verses
Burn 'em down like the Klan used to do to churches
Back in the day in my town, nigga
Don't come around if you a clown nigga, then go and do the circus
First, do the knowledge, then do the purchase
Understand why, against me, a coup is worthless
Battle Tay?
That's the dumbest shit I ever heard since
Ex-hoes claiming that they're born-again virgins
Feeling like a born-again version
Of myself, thought I left the shit I used to listen to
'Til one day, I was playing my old shit like, 
"Who the fuck is this? I kind of miss this dude."
It's the same old Tigga that slowed your whole movement
And y'all dudes just all show and no provin'
And honestly, I like what them young boys is doin'
But my niggas like "Tay, they close, but no Cuban"
Like I was the chosen 
One for flowin'
I'm done, the rap game's No Country For Old Men
I'll always spit whenever the spirit hits me
But fuck if I'm a be doing this shit when I'm sixty
And that's no disrespect to KRS
I'm just trying to make my art and do what's smart
I'm saying
Rapping Tay, four-and-half-mic honoree
Or singing Tay, first-time Grammy nominee
Nigga, you do the math
Nigga, you add it up
That's on my mind when I press record
A lot of niggas probably mad at me
But I would rather be a lonely wolf than a sheep that's bored
So fuck it

[Chorus 2]
Be by myself
Big Pooh, even when I'm by myself
Big Dho, even when I'm by myself
Nicolay, even when I'm by myself
My nigga Zo!, even when I'm by myself
Median, even when I'm by myself
Yazarah, even when I'm by myself
DJ Flash, even when I'm myself 

"God bless and good night" - Big Pooh