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Artist: Little Brother
Album:  The Minstrel Show
Song:   The Becoming
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I went from niggaz tellin' me I really shouldn't rhyme
To droppin' a classic album muhfuckers couldn't find
Took my respect, took lessons and took the time
And if you want a success story, just take a look at mine
I was blessed with the right components, so precise
'Cause I write so tight within the moment
And spit like my life depended on it
I target you herbs
On some teleprompter shit I got you watching your words
Tay rhymes are real life, yours are so 'for instance'
Taxin' these like no dependents
12 bar courtroom drama with no co-defendants
Don't beat it off, come to your senses

Hard rock, my block is where you better be from
Top of the line, my team will never settle for crumbs
And he's hated, but still rated 2nd to none
I'm everything you wanna be but have yet to become

It all started back in '99 when time was hard
North Carolina Central but we called it the yard
'Cause niggaz wasn't trying to study abroad
They was trynna study a broad or two ir three up in the dorms
Met my nigga Chaundon and I started to ponder
"Fuck this, I'mma quit the football team tomorrow"
Did shows around town and word got around that battling Tay
Was like yelling 'spic' in Tijuana
Build my rep up, that's when Pooh and 9th stepped up
9th was old school, Pooh was young and playing catch-up
Cool, 'cause he could still rock an instrumental
Our first joints, yeah they was wack
but niggaz could hear potential in 'em
Honing our skills for survival, hustling
Our flyers passed out like mamma at revival
The real deal on how I repped my peeps
You ain't goin' find this in no press release


[Hook extended]
And "he's shook"
That's what your team is telling me, son
Still hated, but still rated 2nd to none
And Greensboro, 'cause that's the only 'boro I'm from
I'm everything you wanna be, but have yet to become