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Artist: Little Brother f/ L.E.G.A.C.Y.
Album:  The Minstrel Show
Song:   The Olio
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*- Japanese Bonus Track

Uh, Minstrel Show, yeah...

From the watermelon patch, it's Lil' Nigger Jim
Massa 'bout to make me scuff my lil' nigga Tims
Ain't nothin friendly, just to let you know
You against me is Old Yeller versus Cujo
Better fall back, walk with L.E.G. could be a war
And with raps I talk to the dead like a Ouija board
Tell 'em they still alive, shitted on but still I rise
I blackface you, use +Mayhem+ to bait you
Damn right I hate you, you hated us first
Said that Pooh didn't belong, L.E.G. is one dimensional
Sound wack on every song, 9th's beats sound the same
You don't fuck with Tay, didn't like Foreign Exchange
I scream fuck you all, even the score of the game
A showboat, I'm flashy, I'm hood mixed with classy
I keep a good bitch around, I call her Lassie
Go fetch, Minstrel Show another classic, no sweat

Yes~! Niggaz is a beautiful thing
Put your blackface paint on!

I don't think they know how dirty this sport is
It's more than spitting rhymes, don't get it distorted
And y'all can choose to ignore it but still
I'm stopping you popcorn niggaz from thinking you important
Whether they buy the CD online or import it
I'm heard in +All+ +States+ and I don't mean insurance
Because I stay true to my following
Instead of you hollow and fickle fans that blow with the wind currents
See nigga, I been learning the ropes and my team
Been burning your hopes and dreams of being the next ones
I go into wrecking mode, it sounds like an episode
of "Who Wants to Be an Ass?" and you the next contestant
My god, nigga get some protection
Call Spielberg or Benny Boom and get some direction
Cause your whole art is garbage
Phonte lines hit the hardest, I'm rap's heavyweight
and me and L.E.G. are sparring partners, what

Phonte, Big Pooh, and L.E.G.A.C.Y., nigga you not seein us
It's nothing man, let's give it to 'em, y'all

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Check, I attack the rack
On fire like Shaq, pimp tracks make me a mack
LB and L.E.G.A.C.Y. roll back
We smoke mics homie and invite y'all to catch a contact
You know the League's stacked like racks on strippers
Vainglorious the way we paint these pictures
Get used to the fixtures, niggaz scared shitless
Please bow out 'fore you stumble out senseless
Walked by them benches, worked on my sentence
Knowing money only thing to bail you out the pinches
Live for the moment, you can die in an instant
For instance, this nigga Nate sold in them trenches
Hopped over fences, until them boys caught up with him
Got close to him then they +Squoze+ like citrus
Dollar over bitches, pay attention bread
I hope you listen close to the words that we said

All day, it's Phonte and I'm destined to win
I'm L.E.G.A.C.Y., the rockstar, I'ma ride 'til the end
It's the rapper Big Pooh making magic with pens
And that's the way it goes down yo, again and again
These boys go hard like a 5th of gin
It's The Minstrel Show, let the record spin
I came here to make papes, I ain't come to make friends
And that's the way it goes down yo, again and again

Thank you, thank you for coming out!
(That's the way it goes down, again and again)
Again and again, Phonte and Big Pooh, 9th Wonder
It's Little Brother, yanahmsayin and the next thing you know
The whole world is just gonna be, "Phonte and Big Pooh"
And the next thing you know is, "What's goin on about 9th Wonder?"
"What is this? What's happening? What's going on?" Minstrel Show, ha!
Little Brother - 2, the competition - *ZERO*
Yeah, fucking A, fucking A, dude!!
We're going to +PAH-HOENIX+!
(RAH!!) Pah-hoenix, here we come! (RAH!!)
OWW yeee, yeah! Fuckin rock...