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Artist: Little Brother
Album:  2K5 Soundtrack
Song:   Carolina Agents
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Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, check it, uh

Dirt nasty stinkin
Get it up, get a cup, get a drink and
Rollin up in them big red Lincoln
Trust they ask, "What the fuck was y'all thinkin?"
Uh, Carolina agents
Get a flick, get a chick, get a Days Inn
Come through with the crew we be makin
noise, they ask, "Why them boys is so flagrant?"

Might wanna call your bet off, fix us in
and y'all can't contend with this joint we 'bout to set off
Everytime Phonte come to your town
and start throwin it down, a couple rounds get let off
In commemoration of, his penetration 
Through ya defense and it's a celebration when
everybody cheerin for me in the skybox 
'Cause my team +break fast+ like IHOP
and if you get scurred, you will get served
Televised +Nationwide+ like insurance
and you too could feel the aftershock
Ten years later, still be a laughingstock
'cause we always make the play, in the house
and we callin niggaz out like graduation dates
9th Wonder's the editor, and Pooh's the predator
But Tay's the creditor, I'ma make 'em pay, y'know? C'mon


[Rapper Big Pooh]
Yo, I wild wit it, shiznit's wicked
A mind over pretend yo did it wit no gimmicks
My, pro image, throwback vintage
Shines every time, you can read it in my sentence
Pray repentance, niggaz is comin, young'n
Gunnin, like Larry and 'nem
Who's hurryin him? See Poobie step back
Observe one time, start worryin 'nem (Ha!)
My God, my squad, go hard
Remind young goon wit junkyard
We truck y'all like Shaq wit Kob'
Keep niggaz runnin, damn it's only thirty sold?!
You could fold if you wanna, this lukewarm summer
means, barhuggin for the rest of the year
Got bitches back naked like it's hot in here
If you scared, say you scared, I can smell a fear, nig-GAH!

[Phonte, w/ Pooh "oohing"] more time, let's give it to 'em
Check it out, check it out, uh...
Yo, I will not lose, and if you thought
I would ever settle for anything less, homey, I got news

[Rapper Big Pooh]
I write crew like Teddy and Erv
Muhfuckaz better learn 'fore that bridge get burned

to the third degree, NC's the new state of emergency
Yes, yes, we get it poppin
Kickin the truth and just stickin to the doctrine
I'm here to tell ya that failure's not an option

[Rapper Big Pooh]
I heard the streets is watchin, people plottin
LB's in the house and we keep it poppin
(Let 'em know) The beats are droppin, verses ready
Big Dho's in the house! So the checks are heavy

and C. Simms is holdin the camera extra steady
'cause when I'm on stage, it's hard to stand still
The haters be like, "Give it a rest already"
Nigga, I don't give a fuck how you and ya man feel, ya know?! (shit!)

[Chorus and instrumental til fade]