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Artist: Little Brother
Album:  Good Clothes 12"
Song:   Cool as a Fan
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[Rapper Big Pooh]
Cool as a fan, cooler than a Stan, I am
Call my nigga up, "what's the plan?"
Packin up a van, time to move, product out
Servin in this town, for now we rulin out
I'm a loyal soldier, do what is asked
Grind with no question, a few months passed
Money comin slow but these bills comin quick
No health insurance, scared to get sick
Mami got questions I'm not tryna hear
Develop Tunnel Vision on this path we steer
The road less traveled, faced a few bumps
on the way - call it gravel to tryna get paid
Not bein made cause I do create artNot bein played, they considered us smart
Well nigga I am, that's not a knock on me
That's a shot at the world but the blind cain't see..
Uh!... Let's go!
They say, "The industry changin him"
"Phonte to Phontigga, renamin him"
Niggaz sleepin on the team uh, shame on 'nem
Same team from the old days, I hang with them
Won't see me in the club makin it rain on 'nem
or at the bar with hoes T-Pain'n 'nem
World renoun, look at me now
wit Khrysis on the boards like he rebound
Can't even stand next to us
But my hand, I extend like director's cuts
I know that chy'all prol'ly ain't expect as much
from a nigga that's twice as you, and that's a rough esti-mate
Just a Ball Park figure, all y'all get up 
For All Star Tigga, see you actin hard
Don't make me pull your card like Hallmark, nigga
Get smoked out like a Pall Mall, nigga
+Sit+ you +Sideways+ like Paul Wall, nigga
For the whole du-ray-tion of this verse
You can say it's like a mo-vie, get the juicy details
No in-flu-me, niggaz talk major
but they got no flavor like white folks Kool-Aid
... Uh! Peace to my nigga Duvey
Goin to the tip-top, Hip-Hop Hoo-ray
Niggaz say rap is in a drought, so my flow     
bring the water out - Phontigga load the shade
("Now that's some high quality ish there") 
I think I'm gonna get a bouquet! (uh!)
Stay down in the trenches, keep swingin for the fences
LB, nigga!  Get ready for the LP, nigga!
Who the illest here, you tell me, nigga!
Ay, this is just to let y'all know in case you ain't figured it out yet
Me and my man Big Pooh... we not goin nowhere, man! F'real!