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Artist: Little Brother f/ L.E.G.A.C.Y.
Album:  Justus League: NC State of Mind
Song:   Gotta Get Dat
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"Somebody in the house say, "Yeah"
If y'all really like to rock the funky beats, somebody in the house scream, "Hell yeah!" 
Say, "Hoooooo!" [x4]

Verse One [L.E.G.A.C.Y.]
The fourth member can it be?
Little Brother's extended family
Adopted to drop this
Coca Cola classic 
Bout to blow this rap shit
Gone away
A Chucky doll, you wanna play?
Red headed
That Jeff Goldblum shit? Leg said it
One of the best to date
A cannibal
Eatin' a meal off your chest plate
For great nourishment
For the sake of embarrassment 
Leave this rap thing alone
I'll be the last king on the throne
Bit the fruit, the apple spoiled me
Bad McIntosh in the partridge 
Tear sheets of the tablet off of knitted pumps
But don't sweat the technique
I tear flesh off beats
Down to the pink
Almost drown when I think
Things beneath the sea
The difference between VHS & DVD
See the details
See me re-bel
The last breathin' poet
Couldn't touch me with a rhyme
Even if I wrote it
The death of thoughts in a baby's head
Figure four ma, left y'all Crazy Legs
I Rock Steadily
Who ever thought of testin' me?
The epitome 
The Listening
You hearin' me?
The Listening
You hearin' me?

Chorus: [x8]
"Say hooooo!"
We got to get it

Verse Two [Big Pooh]
I put pens to paper
My thoughts a well executed caper
Droppin' giants like sky scrapers
Block Buster deals
Spinnin' wheels for these merges
The world love to take people urges
And turn them into fixations
Why you think we got PlayStations?
Everybody needs a vacation
Even niggas hatin'
Or dick ridas with they jaws hangin'
The birds chirpin' and they stay fakin' 
I ain't your average nigga
A realist, 5-10, when the weather's bliss
240 when the hunger hits
A couple plus if I submit
Currency helps my pants fit
I stay saggin' 
Dyin' to hop on NC's wagon
The seats takin' and we ain't draggin'
Your girl know cause she stay braggin'
Talkin' bout she ain't givin' a wop
Well we'll see when the album drop


Verse Three [Phonte]
Don't come around me if your lyrics is weak
When I spit for the streets I rhyme outlaw
In my former life, ran with Dillinger's peeps
Still refuse to sell my spirit to eat
Promoters on that bullshit better get us now while niggas is cheap
While I'm just tryin' to write rhymes and listen to beats
Go to work, pay my bills and put Dillon to sleep
Not a veggie altercation
This legitimate beef
Bitch niggas sold us out but I kept the receipts
And extension files from 'em
Revenge is a motherfucker
Payback is a bitch
And pain the bastard child of 'em
And we gonna hurt niggas
Awe, god damn it she gonna hurt niggas
That's what y'all get for tryin' to jerk niggas
And work niggas screamin' out, "Peace."
Killin' hip hop in the southeast
I'm aimin' at y'all mouthpiece
Slowly makin' me a mean nigga
Cause cats be back stabbin' 
Like Eddie Levert playin' the Scream killer
And you ain't seen iller than this
It's Phonte, L.E.G.A.C.Y. and Pooh drop definitive shit
Remember truth that I'm seekin' with y'all
If I sound upset
That's just my ambition speakin' to y'all
Bitch ass niggas