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Artist: Little Brother
Album:  Justus League Mixtape Vol. 1: NC State Of Mind
Song:   Whatcha Like
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[Intro] [Big Pooh Speaking]
Yeah, Rapper Big Pooh. 9th Wonder on the tridack. 
It's like this it's like thidat. Shit what you like huh?
Yeah, huh, this goes out...yeah you you you you, yeah.

[Verse One]
When was the last time, you heard a cat like me?
Over grooves, niggas sound so sweet
Make you rock on the balls of your feet
And the world clap
Sorry ladies, not the big time yet
Rapper Pooh, big threat
Hope you ready get set
Cause I'm always on mark, I've never missed a point
When I'm composing pieces
Check the status on my latest thesis
Willing to work for my piece of paper
Not now ma, maybe later
We on the road tryin' to get greater
Trippin' to every spot
Minivan keep a head bop
Make a mistake and you get got
We clown the whole trip
Weak hearts couldn't handle this
The LB team swing the hatchet like Serena with a tennis racket
You underdogs if you in our bracket
Every year we get a letter jacket
So what you like huh?

[Chorus] [Phonte]
We makin' moves
We doin' joints
East coast, west coast, make sure you get the point
It's whatcha like
It's whatcha need
It's Little Brother holdin' down for the Justus League
We makin' moves
We rockin' shows
East coast, West coast, in your videos
It's whatcha like
It's whatcha need
Don't ever step to Little Brother or the Justus League

[Verse Two] [Big Pooh]
Who you know rock a 9th track
With so much precision?
Dr. Pooh about to make the incision
Verses me, that's a bad decision
Stop, think about it
You in the mix with highly touted
Left jab, right hook and you finished
No sweat
We make this just in case you forget
I'm on that Roy Jones shit, three fourth every time I'm out
Now give me mine or I won't pull a rhyme out
It's sixteen for them bench players
You never get in the game
Don't be mad, whatever haters
Niggas still tryin' to frustrate us
Talkin' crazy like them niggas made us
And takin' all the credit
Every rhyme I wrote, I said it
And every 9th track, we set it
And blessed her too
It's one time for the whole crew
J. League blow the spot
So tell me what you like dude