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Artsit: Phonte & Eccentric
Album:  The Story of U.S.
Song:   69th Chamber Intercourse
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[Phonte - imitating Ghostface Killah]
YO! Check the fly 'spragus style niggaz!
YO, YO, the new shit, check my double barrel style
Understand, understand, it's the way we go!
The power grocery niggaz, flagrant wit aspragus
stars wit the jewels on
I eat 'em up like Grey Poupon, my lil' cousin needs
Bless her heart, she was dyin in the corner from the way
in her shells, the seashells from the shore!
The purple groceries, goin down to the Lilac Ave. niggaz
hangin out, maxin, Tay hangin off and shit
Yo, it's how I be yo!

[imitating RZA]
Yo, it's how I be like that
Yo, I be the Ruler, on the track
Yo, niggaz couldn't understand that shit
Yo, I'm coin though, yo, they suck the dick
Comin through, in the number one Digital
I got this rhyme - DOO-DOO-DOO!
Yeah, y'all niggaz could never fuck that
Y'all niggaz could never understand what the fuck rap

[imitating Cappadonna]
Rapper 'Don, break bread
Spit blood, spit bot, what?
Come through ya gut, stab ya girl in the butt
Take orders, understand we take waters
Niggaz could never understand the flow and shit
'Cause I'm showin who you fuckin wit
Understand you suck a dick
Go to the crib, fuck a bitch without the protection
Niggaz understnad the resurrection
and then my nigga, bring the hook in

[Chorus: imitating Method Man]
You got some real good things with you, nasty fast
And you know I got some SHIT for yo' nasty ass
C'mon, shake yo' fanny, throw yo' thing on down
And you know we comin back to resurrect the crown
Oh yeah, you didn't know when I tell you fast
I got, some CRAZY SHIT, for yo' nasty ass
And you know we comin back, comin back real fast
Comin back to reclaim the crown on that ass
Yo, yo, yo, yo

[imitating Ol' Dirty Bastard]
OHHH!! THey thought I was on some crazy shit
Said I was on CRACK, baby suck the dick!
Went tho the jailhouse, slapped her out
Aw motherfuckers know what I'm talkin 'bout
The Big BAY-BAY, understand I'm not CRAZAY
Like Sticky Fingaz, I'll lick ya LAY-DAAAAAAAAY!!!
YO, YO, bitches +GOT my Money+
Dirt DOG, motherfucker, shit ain't funny
And the hoes get down, I smell like shit
And I'm not the nigga to be fuckin wit!\
Yo, yo, AH-HAH!!

[girl singing very flat in the background]
You can nooooooooot defeaaaaaaaaat
{"RZA:" Yo, my girl Takeitha in this}
the goooooooooooods
You will not defeat the gooooooooooooods

["RZA" talk over Takeitha singing "GOOOOOOOOOOODS" over and over]
Ya know I'm sayin, yo, we droppin this jewel right here
Ya know what I'm sayin, 'cause it's not, it's not
It's four sides on the square, you pick the fourth
and you divide it, by two, that means two
Ya know what I'm sayin. you take that two and you add seven, that's nine numbers
yaknowI'msayin? And you nine, minus eight - that's one
That one represents the sun that {?} god resonably divine divided the signs of life
Ya know what I'm sayin, yo you plant that seed
YaknowwhatI'msayin, and that seed germinates
Yaknahmsayin, all the way from Austria, Germany, Sweden, yaknahmsayin?
It germinates, yaknahmsayin? And that seed comes up
and that seed, is at the bus stop, waiting on that bus and it take that bus
Yaknahmsayin, and it get there, and if you listen to us
You, too will get there
Yaknahmsayin, we recorded this at like in '81, yaknahmsayin
But we just droppin it now, 'cause y'all just not ready
Yaknahmsayin, sick bag sick...