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Artist: Phonte & Eccentric
Album:  The Story of U.S.
Song:   Pain 4 My Dogz
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[Photne - dead-on impersonation of DMX]
As long as I LIVE...niggaz will understand...
That LOVE is LIFE, and LIFE is PAIN..
And PAIN is for my DOGZ! And PAIN is for the LOVE OF GOD, and the BLACK MAN!!

Yo, until they bury me, I'm comin fo' niggaz
Yo, I'm Tay-MX! Fuckin wit niggaz
Yo, y'all niggaz don't know - Ruff Ryderz - GRRRRRRRR!!!
Growl on niggaz, and you know I got pride
I got pride wit my nigga Eccentric
Y'all couldn't understand, suck the dick, SHIT!
YO, YO, Tay-MX
And you know I have to say them fresh, yo!
God is Love, God is PAIN
Give me pain 'til I DIE, the sky and the rain
And I'll die fo' y'all niggaz, but I love the cat
But I ain't fuckin wit chay'all niggaz, so they take my dyke
On the TURNTABLE niggaz, can't fuck wit me
'Cause y'all KNOW, y'all niggaz gon' see
Like Christ, like Jesus, puffin on BLUNTS
Y'all niggaz can understand, give 'em what they want

Give me pain 'til I die, nigga
Y'all couldn't understand, yo I gotta try nigga
Give me pain, give me pain 'til I die nigga
Y'all don't know, but you know I gotta try, nigga
And one more time, 'til I die nigga
Y'all don't know, so you know I gotta try, nigga
In the frying pan, you gon' fry nigga
Oh, oh, give me pain 'til I die, nigga - WHAT!! WHAT!!

I thought I TOLD y'all, I'm comin correct
Back in the DAY, I had a welfare check
We was standin in the line, and I was hungry as hell
and I knew someday, I was gon' do real well
So I GOT wit my niggaz, and they dealt my pain
And THEN I WAS STANDIN, out in the rain
I didn't have no umbrella, I got my +Groove Back+
But my name wasn't Stella, so I had to go to the teller
Because them chances, like Shady, they was +Slim+
I'm survivin, niggaz know I'm comin through
And I'm NEVER tellin lies - WHAT!!


This is what I LIVE, this is what I DO
And this is who I AM!! We are comin through to you!
Talkin, wit truth! For the CHILDREN!