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Artist: Phonte & Eccentric
Album:  The Story Of U.S.
Song:   Tayzimoto
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{lyrics in parentheses are in Quasimoto/Lord Quas voice}

Some niggas be comin' through samplin' the same old shit
We can't have that shit
They always wanna use the same loops up in they SP
(Yo Madlib why they wanna test me?)
Yo I don't know Quas, but they just better get it right
Because we gettin' right tonight
Got my records and my loops and we comin' through tonight
Na na na na na!
Let's get tight
(Fuckin' bitches from here to...South Dakota
I'm not a voter, but I didn't vote for Bush though
I will tell you that
Cause that nigga Bush yo, his beats be wack
I heard he made beats in the White House
He only make them on the SP 
He make 'em with that nigga Third
On the little Yamaha XQY10
Aye yo
Okay, say "Alrighty then.")
Aye yo, who is the nigga that rappin' cause
Yo, we ain't checkin' no traps
Just me and Lord Quas
Comin' through
Sittin' down
Niggas gettin' cars
Gettin' cars gettin' money and the jewelry
But they can't use it, they just abuse it
(And then they lose it
Go to the club, listen to my music
Dues it
Like brick
That rumor had
Yo, I lost my dad in a mission
But he came through on Labor Day
But he didn't he just fad away
Came back on St. Patrick's
Wearin' a green shirt
Green power)
He devoured
Because that nigga just was a coward
He went back and then he took a shower
Bout a half an hour
(Da da da da da daaaa!)
Yo power
Yo he just didn't know that's how we doin' it
Some niggas smokin' L's and watchin' some porno's
My nigga 9th and my nigga Pooh Bear
(Yo I didn't even know that bitch had hair)
Yeah she got it
But yo she didn't know she was spotted
Niggas come through and go, "I got it."
(Sittin' here on the beat
And yeah my nigga Peanut Butter Wolf keep it right for the streets
It's like my nigga 9th Wonder
Mouse clickin'
Bitches know the beast it's a chicken
Get some chicken from the Coronal 
Give me and eight piece with some biscuits
Understand that I got's to flip it)
Like the loop that I flip and you can't get shit
Bitches come through yo
I bust they lip
(Bust they lip cause they some money grubbin' hoes
Like track 13
Money hungry bitches
And you know we droppin' flows)
And we rockin' shows
Ayo we never stoppin' those
Madlib, Quasimoto for '94
(It ain't '94 Madlib c'mon)
Ayo Quas I'm trippin'
I know it's 2001 chicken
(Why you call me a chicken?
I'm sayin'
I mean damn
You know?
Fuck it, we was just playin')
I know we was playin' but fuck that though
I said the wrong year I got's to get that doe
(But you gonna hit that hoe?)
Yeah I'ma hit her
Dude, I couldn't forget her
Y'all niggas don't know
(Yo Madlib I thought they knew)
That's how we flow yo
Y'all niggas don't know
That's how we flow yo
(Yeah, you never knew it)
We stay underground like a nigga spinnin' records
(Yo, Quas up in it)
Y'all niggas don't know, you need to check it
(Da da da da daaaa!)
That's how we flow yo
(That's how we do it yo)
That's underground like a nigga spinnin' records
That's underground like a nigga, spinnin' records
(Yo I'll stab you in the back with a pitchfork)
Y'all niggas don't know
Yo yo yo, that's how we flow yo
Y'all need to check it
Y'all niggas don't know
(Just go, just go to the house yeah)
That's how we flow yo
(That's what y'all cats got to do you know?
Just chill out
Yo Madlib
I know you've been doin' that crazy shit but yo
Drop that next shit)