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Artist: Loko f/ Pastor Troy, Bezelee, Naudi Shawty
Album:  Git Dat Money
Song:   Big Oomp Bitch
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[Pastor Troy]
Ah Ha
C'mon DSGB
Ah Ha, Ah Ha, Ah Ha, Ah Ha, Ah Ha
C'mon, Ah Ha
Okay, Okay
Ain't this a bitch, these niggaz try'n to capture
The Pastor, don't they know who they after
Disaster, swear it's comin'
Please explain why these pussy muthafuckaz runnin'
Like fuckin' sprinters, I'll eat you niggaz up for dinner
Hungry for niggaz, thank the Lord for creatin' liquor
Now I don' throwed away all the Alize and Hennesey
Shit my chameleon went with God, see what I'm doin'
While I'm chewin', y'all muthafuckaz

[Chorus: Loko]
Will your label pull a Ski Mask?  (AH HA!!!)
Will you label do a nigga ass? (AH HA!!!)
Big Oomp Bitch, Big Oomp Bitch
Big Oomp Bitch, Big Oomp Bitch

[Pastor Troy]
Okay, Okay
I'm from the ATL, The AUG been good to me
That little zone I had own it, flip the quarter ki
Now Sammy Sam, how the fuckin' police gon' pat me down
Got picked up with Big Oomp and fuck it, here I am
Me and Intoxicated, Bezelee on National chillin'
But now I'm smokin' out wit Baby D, catchin' a killin'
I got, major bank, what the fuck y'all think

[Chorus: Loko]

You gimme 7-10 G's and I'mma crank this bitch
Haudi Shawt, Bezeelee, Troy and Loko Lunatic
Anyone see us comin', already see these niggaz runnin'
These niggaz ain't said nuh'n, cuz we comin', we gunnin'
4-5 cross my hook and I'mma take these bustaz
ATL, Himalayas, hookin' up wit' Augusta
We official, ya muthafuckaz, we always rushin'
Big Oom Bitch underground, we 'bout to cut it
See Bezelee operatin' and got this bitch sellin'
MC Assualt, DJ Mike and Fred got shit ready
See niggaz say Bezelee, Pastor Troy get rowdy
Better not let us get bout it, gon' let us get out it
We got enough ammunition can't see these hoe niggaz
All y'all niggaz and some more of y'all niggaz

Loko: (4x)
Oomp Camp (Big Oomp Bia...)

[Chorus: Loko]

We got that hard, we got that real
We like to mugg, pack that steal
We like to keep 'em jumpin'
Fuck nigga want somethin'
Pull out the pump and leave danglin'
Manglin', leave 'em stranglin'
Fake thug, Oomp Camp is what it was
A swarm of real niggaz, really don't give a fuck
When it come to straight bangin', come to straight slangin'
If Oomp said get 'em nigga you best start stangin'

[Naudi Shawty]
Now I'mma cock this thang back
And make these muthafuckaz change they act
Must don't know what kinda cats they dealin' wit', you better ask
Ain't no matter, when it comes down to gats, I promise that
Snatch you muthafuckin' life quick, sick with the strap
Make 'em move or we gon' kill somethin'
You still frontin', we gon' show up where you live dumpin'
We bout that money and anything else, can't help, nigga fuck that
You bust at me, I'm bustin' back, with a bigger gat

Chorus: Loko (2x)