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Artist: Lord Have Mercy f/ Method Man
Album:  Runaway Slave
Song:   These Men Don't Cry
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Lord Have Mercy]
Yeah, uh, check it out, yea

[Lord Have Mercy]
We shall remain winners, for the haters, the pain lingers
Don't play with us, we head huntin', your game switches
The sour, the sweet, devour your fleet, we sinners
By all means, victorious, the world witness
I'm more vicious, for ya'll seven course delicious
Silver spoons, we pillage crews, cause convictors
The most wanted, my soul haunted, roads to riches
Leave you broke on it, we spoke on it, cold as winters
So hibernatin', sweet dreams, we violent apes
With higher stakes, nightmare niggas that rhyme on tapes
Inject the drugs, we messengers, from violent days
Soon to come, just move from us, find your way
In a world of hurt, backstabbers and murderers
Niggas roll the bud, and burn a Dutch, I turn it up
Just another notch, we smother spots across the globes
On Fordham Roads in Metropolis, Boston foes

[Chorus: Method Man (Lord Have Mercy)]
These men don't cry (why) we just get even (even)
Stop them from eatin', kill 'em all softly
Of course we be (creepin') of course we be (reachin')
Feel the force when we (reachin')

[Chorus: Lord Have Mercy (Method Man)]

[Method Man]
Who, me? M-E-T, H, the O, the D, can't be done
Like try'nna find a penny in the sea
Nigga run, for cover son, go and get them guns
Ya'll ain't from here, don't try to come around here gettin' one
You get done here, just for askin'
Stick the key in the lock to Pandora's Box
Lungs collapsin', gaspin' for breaths
Lord Have Mercy, it hurts me, to know
Thirst is everything and I'm still thirsty
Ask myself, who the boss label try'nna work me
Next time, don't forget my dick when you jerk me
Try'nna stop my conquest, I'm like a one legged man
In an ass kicking contest, hah
Walk a mile in my shoe, whoop an ass or two
Cop a nasty attitude, still I ain't mad at you
Hurry up and take your time, buck-ed naked nine
Take your shores high, and make it mines, word
Until we even, or one of us is barely breathin'
Shaolin, we in the house, and we ain't leavin'
The Loooooooooooooord Have Mercy, muthafucka

[Chorus: Lord Have Mercy (Method Man)]

[Chorus 2X: Method Man (Lord Have Mercy)]

[Chorus: Lord Have Mercy (Method Man)]

[Outro: Lord Have Mercy (Method Man)]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (hah)
Johnny Blaze (hah!) Al Simmons (hah!)
Wu-Tang (hah!) *Flipmode* (what?)
Word is bond, Shaolin, Brooklyn
What it look like, what it be like
What it sound like, what it feel like, muthafucka (you know?)
All day, Brooklyn to Staten Island, connected
Put it all together, it's basic) Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!