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Artist: Lucky Luciano f/ Chingo Bling, Baby Bash
Album:  You Already Know
Song:   Hollywood Pimpin'
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[Lucky Luciano]
We still broadcastin'
Live in Playamade Mexicans that be all up on your
T.V. and your magazines and your CD deck
But we still ain't finished

[Verse 1: Lucky Luciano]
I done been around the country
Hollin' "What it do"
When I saw the Hollywood sign, I chunked up the deuce
This ain't no make-believe-stuff ones we rappin' 'bout
We the ones that be livin' it, that boy Lucky happy, now
It happened so fast (Fast)
I didn't see it comin' (Comin')
Now I think about it, I ain't worried 'bout no money
I did that (Ah)
Came up and ain't fallin'
I been had hoes, but with fame, I'm a monster
Players get chose, you knew it all along
Quick up until she got to choose these shoes on
She lookin' for a thug
Asking for a player
Wanna let his nuts hang, never actin' like a square
Every night, I got a show, that's a steady income
Plus these boys want me featured on their album
So I'm gettin' paid
Bet ya I'm a stack more
Money, women and respect, what else could I ask for

Who's on the stands, goin' to Hollywood
He's bustin' into Hollywood
Showin' the ways, move into Hollywood
He's hoppin' into Hollywood

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: Chingo Bling]
It was night time
When I first crossed the border
Now I'm interviewed by the pool, with a fresh reporter
She wrote up a story, then we chilled for a while
Now why you wear a cowboy hat?
Where you get your style
She got the wrong idea once you saw my pimp cup
To stress dollar breezy, take it easy, hold up
Then you got girls that trip
Like I ain't never of y'all
Then he turned to H-110
In a Murder Dog
My momma cried when she saw me on that Mun2
She said, "Mijo, beware
Of jealous putos"
They got my face airbrushed, but I ain't dead or jail
I done made a mil, off tamale sales
My everyday life, like a P. Diddy video
T.V., radio, chilling with Arsenio
We made it big, little mama, we out the hood
Now pack ya fucking bags, we going to Hollywood

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Baby Bash]
The almighty H-Town
The Bay Area and back down
I put the smackdown, Cadillac mack down
With a navigation system, Elroy tank track down
They say, "Bash, how the hell you gon' act now"
I put the crack down, started slangin' pop cola
And every now and then, it's nothin'
We rock soda
Bomb boda
Puss at a player price
And like my uncle Ike Turner
I'm nothin' nice
All on the beezy
My model
For the (???)
I keep it stable, thick, what
Countin' every penny

[Baby Bash]     Niggas better quit claimin' pimpin'
                When they just fuckin' the biotch
[Lucky Luciano] Player, you ain't never lie

Repeat Hook

[Baby Bash]
Hotel, motel, bitches better go tell
They hubbies ain't comin home, til they bringin' more mail

Repeat Chorus Four Times

[Baby Bash]
Hollywood pimpin'

[Lucky Luciano]
What's goin' down, baby
We on our way
Know what I'm sayin'
It's all over, now
We them Playamade Mexicans
We sittin' up, baby