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Artist: Live Squad
Album:  Murderahh/Heartless CD-5
Song:   Murderahh (Original Mix)
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Yo, this is off the thoughts that run through our mind
We call it homicide crime
Crazy shit we do without even thinkin
Empty a clip without blinkin
Cuz crime is my perfection
No question, I let off the AK with perfection
Mothafuckers don't fuck with me
Cuz I kill a nigga instantly
Like for instance
Once upon a time this kid played my sister
In my eyes he dissed her
You know I wasn't havin that shit
I clocked his crib and then I planned the hit
He lived in the backstreets not to far from here
So it was less of a problem, see
Cuz I could do it on foot, real quiet and easy
The thought of him dead kept teasin me
I couldn't wait, to see the nigga smokin
(Majesty: Dissin my sister, you must be jokin)
I went in the crib and strapped up tight
Then we was out of there, layin in his bushes that night
The nigga had no mothafuckin idea
That I was comin out of nowhere
(*Bass line stops and crickets in the background*)
The punk motherfucker pulled up
(Majesty: Yea there he go)
My shit was cocked, he was fucked
(Majesty: Yea boy, here he comes)
Here he comes, walkin up the goddamn steps
And shit is quiet as kep
He's gettin closer, he's in point blank range
(Majesty: Bus' em, bus' em)
And nigga's in danger
(*Bass line starts again*)
(*Two gunshots*)
Blood squirted everywhere
A crazy nigga like me didn't care
A little blood even squirted on my face
I got hype when he gave me a taste
The nigga was dead before he hit the floor
But I shot him once more (*gunshots*
Cuz I'm a murderahh!

"Murderahh, Mur-Mur-Murderahh" --> Stretch
Comin straight from the mind of a murderahh
"Murderahh, Mur-Mur-Murderahh" --> Stretch

Yo, before I hold my guns I was ill and smooth, steppin
In my ways, you know I always kept in
Ooh-Wap! It was hard to be stopped
Man, I can't count how many I shot
But yo lemme tell ya, one day it was ill
It was me and C-Born chillin on Springfield
It was hot that day, we had to stash our joint
That was a wack move,
(Stretch: It put us all off point)
Then 5-0 came, coat sweatin and checkin
(Stretch: I'm clean officer so just keep steppin)
Now went away from the guns pumpin hard, gettin paid
The chopper recognized, pulled up and just sprayed
I was set, that motherfucker made me run
Cold, gave me a taste of my own medicine
But I don't sweat it, cuz yo some'in gotta give
(Stretch: Yo, I know where his baby motha live)
Word, kick open his door, shoot his legs, tie him up
His girly is a cutey, so you know she (Stretch: gets fucked)
In front of his face, then bust a nut down her throat
The Young Guns are next and after that she got smoked
(*three gunshots*)
Mothafucka stop cryin
(Stretch: It wasn't me, it wasn't me)
Stop lyin
Don't bitch now, cuz any way you dyin
Handcuff him up, set the bomb for ten minutes
Open up his mouth
(Stretch: Open up)
Shuff it in it
Well the job is done, now we can go
(Stretch: What about the baby?)
Throw it out the window
Cuz I'm a murderahh
(*Glass breaking and baby screaming*)

"Murderahh, Mur-Mur-Murderahh" --> Stretch
Come on God. Get the fuckin bomb out the coffin, come on let's go.

Eh yo Maj, remember that ill night out on the block
When we smoked that cop
Yea that motherfucker was fuckin up dough
Chasin all the workers, kid he had to go
For two weeks straight, we had to had to take shorts
We took what we could get, so we wouldn't get caught
But then, we got fed up with that shit
Now it's time for that cop to meet a clip
The beat-walkin motherfucker thought he had niggaz
(Majesty: scared of him)
But now we're prepared for him
To step to us, with some more of that ol' bullshit
He fucked around and got hit, on fire
? up for hire
Ya dead
(*3 gunshots)
Three shots in ya head
We kill mothafuckin cops with a smile
King of New York style
Cuz we're murderahhs

"Murderahh, Mur-Mur-Murderahh" --> Stretch
And it's comin from the mind of a murderahh
"Murderahh, Mur-Mur-Murderahh" --> Stretch
"Murder Clip. Murder Clip"
"Murderahh" --> Stretch
"Murder Clip. Murder Clip"
"Mur-Mur-Murderahh" --> Stretch
"Shoot a mothafucker in a minute" --> MC Ren
"Mur-Mur-Murderahh" --> Stretch
"Shoot a mothafucker in a minute" --> MC Ren
"Mur-Mur-Murderahh" --> Stretch
"Shoot a mothafucker in a minute" --> MC Ren
"Mur-Mu-Mu-Murderahh" --> Stretch
"Squeeze the trigger, squeeze the -
 squeeze the, squeeze the trigger and a nigga shot dead"