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Artist: Mighty Casey
Album:  Liquorland EP
Song:   Liquorland
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Liquorland is a real nice place
Now you might wanna visit but you don't wanna stay
'Cuz if you stay the alcohol might take you under
And champagne dreams ... ?

Pass the gin and tonic I'm a straight up alchoholic
'Cuz I drink a lot of beer and yo I smoke a lot of chronic
Now I drink the Old English while my speech is slurred
And I drink the Everclear but my vision's still blurred
I try to find religion started drinking St. Ides
And I took a night train 'cuz I needed a ride
I try to get molenko? gave my girl Spanish Fly
But now I chill with Captain Morgan and a pack of Colt 45
I got a pet King Cobra and a pet Mad Dog
Budweiser taste like water so I killed the tree frog
And I'm chillin' always jokin', sippin' rum and coke an'
And if I ain't drinkin' then you best believe I'm smokin'
I'm only 23 but yo I'll never ever grow up
And I'm that crazy ass rapper drinkin' liquor 'til I throw up
On the floor then go to the store and get some more
A 40 couldn't do it so I got a 64
So I got a little bent and I hopped up in the Nova
But the police pulled me over and said "Brother, is you sober?"
I looked him in the eye with a hand on my drink
let out a fat burp and said "Man, what you think?"
The cop tried to make a brother walk in a line
So I threw him on the floor and I walked on his spine
Then I kicked him in the chest and I dipped up in the car car
Put the pedal to the medal I drink more vodka then a rock star
Liquor got me feel like I'm 'bout to explode
And I'm switchin' four lanes on a one lane road
[Yeah I tried to quit liquor a while back
But my mother always told me "Quitters are losers"
And I ain't no loser]


And I'm highly educated, quite sophisticated
Never been incarcerated still I stay intoxicated
And now I know the reason why I act this way
Sippin' alize on the way to AA
And if I can't find a liquor then I won't be disappointed
I'll just smoke a coupla spliffs and act like I'm double jointed
I'm an Absolut menace when I'm sippin on a Smirnoff
Put up like Holyfield when Tyson bit his ear off
I drink to remember and I drink to forget
I curse worse than a sailor with a case of Tourrets
I spend a lot of time with Jim Beam and Jacky Daniels
And piss on more streets than Pit Bulls on Cocker Spaniels
Catch me sippin' on a liquor thats harder than a lead pipe
I'm proud to be Jamaican so I'm sippin crazy Red Stripe
Looking for Mighty Casey? Well I ain't hard to reach
I'm with a sexy Margarita havin' Sex on the Beach
On the road doin' 50 sippin 151
And when I ran out of gas I start run and I run
I hit the bar wreck like the witness in a car chase
And take more shots than Pacino did in Scarface
And before the night's over I have a couple more drinks
I got knocked out in 90 seconds like that brother Leon Spinks
[Haha know what I'm sayin'? I'm a winner right here and I won
Know where I'm goin? I'm going to Liquorland]