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Artist: Miley Cyrus f/ Big Sean
Album:  Bangerz
Song:   Love, Money, Party
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{"Mike Will Made It"}

[Chorus: Miley Cyrus]
Money ain't nothin but money
When you get to the money it ain't nothin but money
Love ain't nothin but love
When you learn how to love ain't nothin but love
Party ain't nothin but a party
When you party every day it ain't nothin but a party
... Love, money, party
... Love, money, party
... L-l-love, money, party
... Love, money, party
W-we want, love, money, party

[Miley Cyrus]
If I can't trust
Then why am I givin my heart in exchange for him to love me?
Cause there ain't much
difference than a one night stand and one that ain't for me
Is it too much?
Cause you hate that you love everything that he do and you can't deny you wanna
So what?
Cause my heart'll light a fire in this bitch and blow it

[Interlude: Miley Cyrus]
Money ain't nothin, money can't buy you love
I don't give a damn if you're sittin on a tril'
Money ain't nothin, after that run out
What about the real and the way you feel?
Money get low and the DJ stop
Then the music slow down and that shit get blurry
Love, money, party, yeah


[Miley Cyrus]
I've been through heartbreak
Probably it's much for anybody with a human heart to take
You know it's somethin not too good to elaborate
But I've been left in the lobby
I done been through the fire
I done been the girl on the side, I done laid it all on the line
And now they growin up
I bet you regret it cause it just don't taste like mine!

[Interlude] + [Chorus]

[Big Sean]
God, ohh, yup

Okay, I walk in, sorta late
My girl and watch both coordinate
They both got that gorgeous face
They both shine; they both mine!
Gettin green cause it's go time
Goddamn, I'm so fine!
You know those like umm, supermodel type girls?
Uh, yeah I'm chillin with those kind!
B-I-G Sean, Don Juan, Perignon
Detroit player boy I get my Barry on
On a all-night flight to a island I'll be gone
in the morning, I don't even need a carry on
What? ...
This that all night get dressed up (boy)
Red cup, get messed up (boy)
Me and Miley it's just us