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Artist: Major Figgas
Album:  Figgas 4 Life
Song:   You Didn't Feel Me Then
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Ay man before these bitches was trippin
It was a task
MF 2000 a whole different story
Ay Spado, let these fuckin hoes know

Uh she used to be mine
See me career on recline
Now that doe low
I aint seen her ass in eons
Walkin around talkin bout the Spade like a peon
Took you to a 3-2-5 from a neon
Baby speed on 
See me wit all V on
Yeah I heard bitch you got your cheat on
You played a good game
But I got a good name
And all the hoes love me in that thing on wood frame
Aint a damn thing changed
Bitch I'm still a baller
And my new boo appreciates when I call her
I know you aint mad
I know you aint sad
Yeah I heard you pregnant
But I know I aint the dad
Your new man got a coupe
But I know it aint the Jag
You heard about the vapors
I know you got em bad
Hey hoe, why you go that route?
I had you coupin
Now rumors say your new man got you troopin
On the block sellin it from crack to hash
Disrespect you
Let a nigga smack yo ass
Bitch I wouldn't think twice about hittin yo ass
You lookin skinny 
Baby is you hittin the glass?

(Bumpie Johnson)
Minkied up
10 karat pinkied up
And the whore find suites wit a slinky slut
Baby you had your chance but you chose to step
See the top off the 'vette 
Jewels cold as death
Hittin me up sayin that you the best for me
Is it because the other chick havin sex wit me?
Used to think less of me
Now you pressed for me
Baby this money got you wantin to get next to me
Uh tell me what you want from Bumpie
For a dubbie, buggy, jewels, truckie
All these chicks love me
Sayin that you the one 
You got to proove to me
All you doin now baby is just losein me
Thinkin diamonds and rubies
Seduce me to use me
Hate to hear me laid up
Smuttin in jacuzzis
Bitch you a groupie
Won't get none of my cash
Find another man to stand behind your slimey ass

Bitch you didn't feel me then
But I know you feelin me now
Don't you think it's funny how
Tables seem to turn around
When a nigga didn't have no deal
Didn't wanna keep it real
Now that Figgas struck it rich
All yall bitches on our dick

Is the money why you wit me?
Then just leave
Only time you call me 
Is when you need
It aint that my money funny
It's just me  
Yeah I like spendin money
Just for me 
Whats the truth to you is a lie to me  
Bitch I don't ride wit you
You ride wit me
My man had you first
You think you sly wit me  
Beepin my man searchin for me  
Sleep wit my man
You'll be closer to me
Everything you own you owe it to me
I bought you a shop
You chose to be dumb
I still want my money
All the heads that get done
Your jaws aint fucked up?
All them heads that you done
Cum and all
Just for some threads that you want
You fresh out of luck bitch
I'm sayin that you done

(Gillie Da Kidd)
Yo, I met her at the clam bar
Double parked in my mans car
S-Type Jag
She had the best type ass
Conservative look, linen
I had my lower Tims on
And she was starin at the Ro
I had the gems on
I must admit, I'm lovin the waist
Chanel outfit, glasses
I'm lovin the taste
Grabbed her arm
My other hand clutched the Phillie
Said she heard about the Figgas
And had love for Gillie
I knew she was sweet
Ordered food to eat
Checked in 243, the Westin suite
Cracked the door
Bitch gave me her breast to eat
Pushed me straight to the floor
Start carressin my feet
Body like I never seen
Small waist and all butt
Type to have you fuckin up
Paid on 8th and Walnut
I'm trippin
Before the Kid write a check
I'd dance butt naked at the Vet
You gotta respect
She was married wit a hubbie
So I woke up 4 AM and left the bitch at the telly

(Chorus to end)