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Artist: M-Flo
Album:  Lisa - Disco Volante
Song:   Sound Boy Thriller
Typed by: (Japanese), Wammy Giveaway

Chorus: Lisa
It's time to show you love, yeah, where's the fever
Ateru tune wo feel it, bring that heat up
Tobashiteku eletric from wherever
Ima dakara baby, push that pressure
Koko ni kite now we hold the trigger
Toki hanatsu light keeps getting bigger
Biki yoseru minds, we gon', get crazy
Saisei over and over sound boy thriller

[Verse 1: Lisa (Lisa *slowed down*)]
See what I'm sayin', nani, kono mess, man
Nagashita highway
Why you put on breaks, damn
Who's ill now
Kiga nuketa spark, reset love
Tobichiru vibes, bin-bin, bin-bin now
I sizzle (Sizzle)
We used to be hoshi kara earth nagamete
I miss the scene, ketsu bashita thrill no name gata
Let's jump up, jump up, mou machi kirenai
Ima kara hadaka hito arushi kanai
So look out, look out, hora ten no body
Kokodake mite nayo, where have you been

Pre-Chorus: Verbal
When I wake up, I wonder where
You are, what we used to
Do, kawaru mae no
You are, perfect, but I'm
Sick of, sick of, and tired of
You now, that's why I auto
Tune my vocals and move out

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2)
Used to romancin', dancin', now we
Don't even glancin', something's wrong
What was alive, feels so dead
It's necromancin'
What was flowin', now so dry
I stand like a cactus
Third bass
But we couldn't touch home
Futari wa gas face, gas face
So what's with the gas face, dase gasolina
Pump it in a hurry while I slap your shiri
Pun, pun, why the sad mouth, what the cactus
Relax, don't do it if you gotta detox it
For the home sick
For the home sick
Pun, pun-pun-pun, pun-pun, pun, pun-pun
Pun, pun-pun-pun, pun-pun, pun, pun-pun

Repeat Chorus

{*song slows down*}

(Verse 3)
The blueprints I wrote up
Kitte minna kyouda
Konna no matte tanoda, souda, souda
Hyaku oku hito no hands in the sora packed
Back to back, gunshuu showed up
Yes, we blown up
Like Dacchi na okusan
We do it like we wanna realer than Roxanne
If it's mendokuse, I say
I cut, cut, cut like
Edowado Scissorhands
I advance
In the B-boy stance and move to the deka dance
Give me
Bottles of goose and tantakatan
And take you back like "Namida No Take A Chance"
Uh, kore wakarimashie'n
Tte yatsuhai I feel for you like Chaka Khan
Kimitachi akachan
Uchira adaruto
Tabechi yau emcee tachi like choriso
G Men Nanajugo
Ibuki go
Sore tomo kaga takeshi no afro

Bridge: Lisa
Sexy boy, don't speak
You're talking too much shit
Why won't you get real
I know you like this mama
I'm that juicy B/bee, lay your honey on me
Bow down for the queen
I'm gon' get busy on ya

{*song speeds up*}

Repeat Chorus