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Artist: M-Flo
Album:  Planet Shining
Song:   Deep Within
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Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I was asked one day
If I had a can of memories, and
Would it have an expiration date
So tell me, baby
To forget or not to forget
Can I choose
Tell me
To drain away my heart's
Resounding blues
Just, when I thought, I reached my destination
Oh, I was only back to where I first started
Becoming who I've always, always hated
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
The unbecoming
So won't you
Won't you speak to me

{*Lisa singing to melody*}

You know you got a
Bad sense of humor
You uttered softly
You just spilled some coffee
You stained my clothes, as well as my clear conscience
Probably, probably, probably
Probably, accidental
But the thoughts that crossed my mind would leave you petrozoomin' by
Unrecordable with pad and pencil
Anyway, I tremble
My temperature rising
Reminiscing the times when I'd do
Anything for you, but not knowing why
Like Abraham sacrificing Isaac
I worshipped you
You were my idol
Silly of me
Silly, silly, silly
But right around now, I find no
As a matter of fact
I'm based against all your opinions
Like dry rose
Like dry rose
Once lively and captured your heart
But now, destined to be crushed, and becomes dust
Til death do us part
Ashes to ashes
I once died for this world, but now I'm born again
Oh Lord, I'm born again
Mmm hmm
My barefeet on cold cement
Waiting for the day of resurrection, irrevelant
Small talks with you that take us no where
I don't know how I was able to bear
The way you didn't show care
That's right
Way you didn't show care
I guess I harbored resentment this whole time
Kept it within me
Never exposed what's been on my mind
But now you know
Uh huh
Yo, yo
But now you know {*Lisa singing to melody*}
Baby, talk
Now you know
Now you know

You know
Self denial used to numb my pain
But nowadays
I can't find the novocane ways to hide what I already know
I know
I'd rather you shout
Go on, boy
Go shout that nonsense
Than to whisper
Your little hurtful truths
Mmm, mmm, yeah
Just when I thought
I got all I wanted
I realized
I lost just about
Let's say
Saying what I've never
Never, ever said to anyone
Breathing murderous, I mean, you know it
Murderous thoughts
So won't you
Won't you
Speak to me
Me, baby
Three words of truth
Shine deep
Deep within me
Anchoring my stormy
Stormy heart
Yes, and I need faith
To see what I can't see
Oh, yes
And I need, hope
To keep me going
So, strong
And I need love
Your love
Safe and sound
Maybe that is all
That is all I need
From deep within