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Artist: Masta Killa
Album:  Made in Brooklyn
Song:   E.N.Y. House (East New York House)
Typed by: DaSun_Akbar@HotMail.Com

**33 Seconds of Music Playing**

[Verse 1]
Yo, when the East is in da house
GOD DAMN! we slam Mic
40 Days - 40 Nights fights Erupt from the Energy
Givin' off me, Crowd movin' Wattage
It's Electric, shockin' the body
Rise Nazareth, party wit the God body
Here's a Hotty, see the chief is like a Dr.
And I'm gon' Prescribe
Just a thought for you to snort
If you like it then light it up
Smoke it, tot it, shotgun blast it
Pass it to your homey let 'em sample the example
How to MC

[Verse 2]
When the East is da house - WATCH OUT!!
We on the get it, don't bet it
Cuz we know to said it
Beat the case then split your fuckin' face
You terribly mistaken, I beat the terrible Reign
Ladies wanna stroke the Mane of the Lion
When I step up to the Mic zone, hell get thrown
And its provin' is shown
Out the Womb I was born to Rule
Lead Men to water
Now school is in session, take lesson

[Verse 3]
Yo, yo, uh, When the East is da house
We gets the party jumpin'
Beat pumpin', make the ladies wanna flex
Time to have sex
Halftime back of the Range, at the next game
Mo' Money scheme, red beam for Glocks
Sad love ballets, hollow tip Black Talons
Nobel, Vocal, known to Ring Bells Global
Background Criminal Social, Skin Opal
Official seal of Approval
Label lethal, people under pressure
Swords kill Hundred Men
Heads roll, knees bend, Times Ten
Flow roll on the ball or in the Pen