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Artist: Masta Killa f/ Ghostface Killah, Raekwon
Album:  Made in Brooklyn
Song:   It's What it Is
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: kung fu movie sample {Masta Killa}]
I know why you're here...
You wanna test out hard with my kung fu
(No, I've come here -- and I need your help
Your steel darts, you still have them?)
What for? (because they have guns
That kill up to a hundred yards, very powerful)
My darts could beat a pistol?
(You wanna help or not?)
{Duh-deh-duhn... live and direct
We got the connect, we gonna ride
Deh-duh-duh-deh-duhn... deh.. deh..}

"It's what it is!"

[Masta Killa]
No question, sensational dart, no dollar superbs
Spoken word slang, throw them with perfection
Slick when he talk, simplistics, stand exquisite
Tiger palm smack ground, one man down
Got a few that'll kill right now
Bring his crown back with Kunta, one-two
The truth and the square, dare any man to stare
Down the eye of the barrel, like a needle to the camel
You will never enter, nuff ammo
Shaolin Finger Jab, stab the man running
Deadly sold delivery, stunning poetry
For the masses, solid liquid gasses
Gather to a bomb explosion, Sony eruption
Frontin' on Pelon, Lei Long'll get you swung on
Long barrel spinning rims on something foreign
Semi-auto flow spit forty five in the left grip
Right hold the mic tight, strike
With the force of Mike, when I'm speaking

Straight from the Hall of Justice, Hummers
Dirty bones, black 'Didas, black reefer in jars
We fly militant, brilliant thinkers, tanks
Yo, pull it together while we guzzle these drinks
We armed veterans, holding up swords
Driving Alfo Romeos, breaking down Sicily yayo
We seen the drama, drawing these heaters on cheaters
Shooting at bitches, hopping up domes for weight
We wild style gorillas, fly apes caught in Botanical Gardens
Trying to get back to the States
The harder they come, the harder we scrape
We coming back in jet lears, flying through the Tri-Boro today
What's really good, live niggaz go up beside niggaz
Mad bullets sit in your hood
We titanium vets, with jet fuel, vision the biz
We orchestrated like no other, word to mother

[Interlude: kung fu movie sample]
Say, why'd you have to ask me, there are many experts
(I know you, you're my brother
Also your darts are pretty formidable)
Heh, I must admit, it's fast as the speed of light

[Ghostface Killah]
Yo, I rock a black mask, homemade bottle of Goose
Toney moonshine his miracle herbs and African roots
Blow suits, slap A&R's, tapered your jaw
Had you chopping off your body parts like this was Saw
Cut raw, got the Fishscale flooding the streets
And Masta Killa's blowing girders outta crystal sheets
Slay beats, just the Verra' boss, Wu-Tang Holocaust
Fuck around, leave you with a mouth full of murder sauce
Broken, hanging off the cross with one nail in
Chuck meat, ya chicken bones is looking real frail and
Heavy, my seventy seven got suicide doors, my wrist
Chirped up with pretty rocks, with no flaws
Guns stay barking like pitbull spiting, it's frightening
How Ironman, ricochet lightning
Bob and weave, duck and squeeze
Why ya'll can't pop holes in the kids, holla!

"It's what it is!"
"It's what it is!"