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Artist: Masta Killa f/ Governor Tools, Ski
Album:  Made in Brooklyn
Song:   Lovely Lady
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Governor Tools (Ski) {Masta Killa}]
Ya'll knock pon the door, push it open, man
What y'all knock pon the door, for...
(Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah) Uh...
{What's the deal, what's the deal, what's the deal}
Peace what's going on black man (what's going on)
Big star.. (peace kid) you in here? (no diggity)
Ahh man, I got bats in here (we came to snatch you up soon)
{See I been busting my muthafuckin' ass in here}
I been calling your ass all day, son, you ain't answered the damn phone
Take you of here son, you been here all damn night, all day, son
Come back here... tonight son {flight tonight?}
Yeah, man... ahh man, let's go, let's go
(Me have some tenderoni waiting for me) Let's go, let's go
{Sweetness?} Something nice {yo, I do need a muthafuckin' vacation
I ain't even gonna front} Yeah, son, let's go
Take a two days, man, and let's go and come back
Mellow out your brains and come back, knowhatimean
Something nice.. let's go... bredren, let's go
Lock down the shop (son, let's get outta here, man
We outta this peace man) Let's be out (yeah let's get outta here
Lock it up bredren) Turn off that thing, we gone

Pretty looks and your pretty smile (pretty smile)
Pretty girl, you know I like your style (like your style)
The way you move, and the way you groove (the way you groove)
Lovely lady, put me in the right groove
You're not fighting, you're not shocking
The thing that we'll do, to make you cry
And you're so sweet, or my my my
I see my future, right in your eyes

[Chorus 2X: Ski (Governor Tools)]
Lovely la-la-la-la-lady (lovely lady)
Yo, she a little la-la-la-la-lady, lady

[Governor Tools]
Sexy lady, you gots to have my baby
Lock you down like a soldier in the Navy
Lord, say, Masta Killa, all up in your V.
It's time find tricks and smooth it

[Hook 2X: Governor Tools]
Now sexy la-la-la-la-lady, y'all know
You gots to have my ba-ba-ba-ba-baby, for real
Now sexy la-la-la-la-lady, y'all know
You gots to have my ba-ba-ba-ba-baby, come on, talk to them

Pretty like the sunshine (like a sunshine)
Sunny day.. (on a sunny day)
Pretty like a rose (a beautiful rose)
When it's growing (when it's growing)
Prettier than anything (prettier than anything)
Ever seen (that my eyes have ever seen)
Oh, I'd love to talk with you, talk with you

[Chorus 2X]

[Masta Killa]
It's a special dedication, to all of my lady friend
Whether you Caribbean, from any other island, them
I touching, on the scene, make the meanest gangsta roll lean
Gun clean, stay fresh, her breasts all natural
I'm impressed, her body all actual
She undressed, flexed, pretty round brown t'ing, from the back
Horny facts, fat, fat, fat, fat
Sexy Maxine, she fiend for the killing
Christine, she fiend for one killing
Sexy Justine, she fiend for one killing
And sip the Guiness, burn ganja weed
Look out for breed, picnic to feed
Me sip Guiness, burn ganja weed
Look out for breed, picnic to feed

[Hook 2X]