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Artist: Masta Killa
Album:  Made in Brooklyn
Song:   Older Gods Part 2
Typed by: DaSun_Akbar@HotMail.Com

[Man #1]
Yo God I got the Top Ten
Yo God - Quiet down, I got the Top Ten Liquor
Yea yea, y'all, yea, Peace Gods
Peace to the Gods, Yea Peace to the Gods
Up here chillin' wit Jamel Irief LIVE!!
Yes, we all up here just chillin' we tryin' to get it right y'all
Yea, yea, yea, Lord shot I see ya
Lord Bing, Freedom Allah, Freedom Born, yea

[Man #2]
Yo, Quiet there, wussup baby ?

[Man #2]
You, haha, yea we gon' drop the Science on 'em real fast
You know how we do, Yo Free ?
I remember back in the days God (Yea)
When Individuals that didn't know they Math wasn't allowed to come Outside
You remember them days ?

[Man #1]
Yea God man, you know what we had to do God)
Ain't no forgot we had to make them show and improve, yea be honest without
a doubt)

[Man #1]
Just to show and improve everythin' was real
We had to keep this in its text
In order to make a seed grow you gotta constantly water it
And that Water was the Knowledge that we had
Through extensive Research we obtained and we gave it to the Young

[Man #2]
Yea God, you know that See Allah..
Allah Believed if you taught Nine People
And that Nine People taught Nine People
And that Nine People taught Nine People
Guess What (That's right)

[Masta Killa]
Let the track wind in your Mind, flow free
Remain Conscience on this rock 'til your best Ability
Infinity, back to your Saucer that you came
Energy see a change form, Atoms being born, neva endin'
All on and on and on, travel wit me
Not tryin' to convince the Pack that it's a fact
But for those that can Adapt, I live it, shit it and back
We have agreed, you'll feel the Impact of the truth
Now squeeze the Brain 'til somethin' pop
Hip-Hop, Glocks and Tech's, Fat Checks
Fly Whip Chicks, Fresh Kicks, especially Fitted Crown
Wouldn't down, Open White Tee underneath
.9's and .4 Pounds, 45 Minutes of Menacin'
Dismantlin', any MC opponent steppin' in the Zone
Get ya Face Blown

[Man #3]
I would like to let y'all know the History
Of how the first Bones Began
Allah Met Messiah - Allah Met Bismillah
Allah Met Prince Salam - Allah Met Uehara
Allah Met Akbar - Allah Met -> Kaheem
Allah Met Abiji - Who was Black -> at the time
Allah Met Al-Jamal - Allah Met Salam
And that's Three Elders that dealt with this Knowledge with him
And these Three Elders was - Fred Bone Justice Who was Akbar
He had Shaheem - and He had each beaker
Along wit each 12 - We became the 13th Men from 12 Disciples
I like to let y'all know from my Perspective
That the Mathematics was Revealed to us by Almighty God Allah
He gave us One and Nine, and A to Z

[Masta Killa]
When I speak to wake the Mourn
That should surely die fuckin' wit I
Stealin', tellin' lies, to Master the Original Man
Home and Abroad the Sword is stay Justice
Reward is the price of food and Tony Blair
That killed Fred Hampton in Bed
Penalties to Enemies couldn't musket the seal in they heads
Show and Prove, make the mouth move
We build wit the MC Skill, Drop Math, nuttin' grabbed
Crafted - Mastered for the people
Then sling to the Rhythm if you feelin' what I'm givin' is real
True livin' Iron Pole, Microphone Steel
Thought Imprisonment, Big Business for Government Officials
Address the Issue, blow the Whistle
Take your face, value how fast the light travel
Swan Poison Animal eaters and Wife Beaters
Savage and Pursuit, false move and I'll shoot
Blast you, back to gas you, you can't last in the square wit the Truth

[Man #4]
And that's Peace God
It always comes back to Knowledge
And that Knowledge is our Foundation
And the Foundation of all Life emanated from Allah - The Father
Manifested himself as a true and livin' God
Throughout Eternity - or even time Immortal
Man has always been God - 'Fore we under Supreme Being
Manifested and Taught by Almighty God Allah

[Masta Killa]
Another Start Child is Born, Straight from the Vine
Before there was time, someone had to wind the Clock
And it's Understood, Wit the Body of the Universe
No Religion, just Universal Law
Wit except Existence, everythin' right in Exact
Universal Flag tagged up in your Head piece