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Artist: Masta Killa f/ RZA
Album:  MK Exclusives
Song:   The Abbott & the Masta
Typed by: Cno Evil,

[Intro: RZA]
Yo, Allah Mathematics, tight mixtape shit
Ya'll faggot niggas back the fuck up
Ya'll bitches just back the fuck up

It's Da Great Siege, Killa Beez in fatigue
No time to bob and weave, your city's intrigued
Pushing straight through in a navy-blue H2 Hummer
We scrape you, it's a bummer, you dumber than dumber
Shaolin Rooftop Talk, who shot hawk?
Who got off? Bobby! Trapped in the Bing like my name was Crosby
Gettin' them Bills like Cosby
I'm up on Pickin
Bitch walked in, ordered veggie fried rice and a half a chicken
Like it's finger-licking' my finger clickin'
On some old finger-clickin', itchy trigger, nigga listen
It's Da Great Siege, Killa Beez in fatigue
You're gonna get intrigued
Your city's caught, no chance to bob and weave
BZA-Bobby, Shaolin Rooftop Talk, who shot hawk?
Who got off? Pushing through in tha H2 navy-blue Hummer
Bounce a nigga, we scrape you
You lookin' dumber and dumber
We turn winter into summer
Can we bling bling, shine shine, all the time

[Interlude: RZA (Masta Killa)]
Yeah, bring it back.. huh huh
(bring it back, from the back
Bring it back, ahh, yo!)

[Masta Killa]
Seen thousand dollars nights, broke ass days
Marvelous master haze, haggler, Isaac
Yo... yeah.. yeah, but yo, Masta Kill' stay milli'
Known to rock a butter soft leather when it's chilly
Peace to Philly, Chicago the Windy City
We rock goggle, bread with the mold
Out-dated can goods, witty and it cold
Behold the pale, Jonah escape the whale
Free Dirty, we gotta be the God
The Def Poet quotin', all side bets I'm takin'
Put your plate up, Rae dropped the eight on the brake
We on The Come Up, one up from takin' it all
Up in the pool hall, niggas ain't tryin' to pay without a brawl
Dusty, Two On Da Road, toad style
Mic stab low, winds straight from the soul, Shaolin pole