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Artist: Masta Killa f/ RZA
Album:  MK Exclusives
Song:   Cash Rule, Seeds & Power-U
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: RZA]
Yo, steam rice and beans bitch, stupid, yo

Steam rice and beans from the Island Cuisine in Queens
Across the seat, from the Church of Nazarene
See the black prince, in the Clinton with the black tints
Music bumpin' loud, honkin' at the hood writs
The mechanic was hood like Johnny Goodwrench
Ninja walk on sand, and we leave no footprints
Bitches I elect off cassette, compressed
True B-Boy intellect, splashed it, but yet
On T.V. and video shows, pretty video hoes, lickin' toes
Spread eagle, pose, yo, in the city of those
Shaolin Sword still stained with the royal blood
Oil up the gats, filled with hollow slugs
That nigga may think we bug (may think we bug)
So just chill with the feedback, black, we don't need that
It's ten o'clock, ho, where the fuck's your seeds at?
I bet you know where the blow and the weed at
And the guys that pump them hoes where you go get your weave at
Up in the Killa Bee mansion, I'm just lampin'
Three wiz'es, all on my side, like we campin'
You can't compute, cuz your brain is on mute
You didn't catch the cranberry mix, DJ Absolut?
Eight karats and stone, where's the wisdom in chrome
Plus the Culture Power be locked in your dome

[Chorus 3X: RZA]
Money come first, children come second
Pussy come third, third, third

[Masta Killa]
Gun shot to the informer, Killa Bee swarm
Caught 'em on the corner Lavonia, regular shit
Man forget brush, keep it on the hush
Dust from the sah hell, I reap Jamel
Bring rain, came in peace, button on the Lapel
Armed with the weapon, East 95th, in Clarks and guns barkin'
Military arm' marine, unseen in the camouflage green
Hopped up the L, Bushwick and Albadine
Normal routine, at the age seventeen
Gettin' dressed with the bulletproof vest, the black Tec
Slid to the corner, caught a cab to the rest
Puttin' them in Nostrand, rollin' through your hood
We think like George N. Woods, when the vibe of the peeps is ill
Make the pen spill the lethal, bass and treble
Give me a scratch...