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Artist: Masta Killa
Album:  MK Exclusives/Convexed: A Nature Sounds Compilation
Song:   The Day After
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[Masta Killa]
{*humming the beat*}
I awoke from oppression, I began to write for y'all 
Truth from a speck of light 
I chose to bring belief to those 
That hunger for the food of thought 
cuz this is the life we chose 
Fool's gold tipped many and led 'em astray 
Others watched them go down 
They was afraid to speak on it 
Some never recovered from the mental enslavement 
I came greatness
The world wasn't ready to face me 

"Never.. the God too clever.. never.. he seen it comin..
 Never.. the God too clever" > Masta Killa

[Masta Killa]
Now this wicked brother Cal 
Ordered them to cover their faces painted with smiles 
and they came, from air, land and oceans 
I watched as the sides of good and evil was chosen 
Everything seemed to move in slow motion 
People ran frantic as herds of wild steed 
Their minds like rabbits, souls like deer, fear was felt
and when the radiation melt the eyes from their heads 
I fled seeking cover to find none 
Triumph a selection played by RZA
Buildings crumbled 
Missiles and bullets whistled, the Earth rumbled 
Water filled tunnels quickly from both ends 
Chunks dropped from buildings that swayed from high winds 

"They thought he would slither.." > Masta Killa

[Masta Killa]
Trees buckled like knees 
Continuing to build and break the seventh seal 
From the sky came firey hail, trains derailed 
Horseman hooded with sheets shaped in concrete 
War of the lion, voids thunder when I speak 
From their finger came lightning, striking the beast {*thunder*}
Jail cell broken by the wise words spoken 
Gun smokin'.. it's the def poet quotin'

"Never.. the God too clever.. never.. he seen it comin.." > Masta Killa