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Artist: Masta Killa f/ Savoy
Album:  MK Exclusives
Song:   Love Spell (Premix)
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Savoy (Masta Killa)]
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
(Hah-ahahah-ahh) Oooh (ahh, come on, come on
Come on, come on, yeah, can I get you to come back home)

[Masta Killa]
Tell us, who is this refine black queen, eyes so innocent
Vanilla cherry scented, can I get to know you?
Let's exchange digits, slide, so we can kick it
The night is almost over, gave a c-note to the sofa
Your place, or mines, she said "Mines'll be fine
I rarely found the time to dine and unwind
With working full time, you know, and school, partime
Are you listening?" I said "Yes, love, I'm knowledging
The ball game is on, kinda distracting my attention
Not to ignore you, I didn't mean to bore
Just thought I'd speak lessons, strive to listen more"
My cheri amore, you make the heart skip a beating
I miss your warm greeting, when we're not speaking
How's L.A. for the weekend, sound?
'Nuff deniro, shopping spree, Reserdero?
Momma said never trust him, it's only logic
I scope out every exit, and open every closet

[Chorus: Savoy]
It's a love spell, yeah, yeah, yeah
Can I get to know you? Can't stand to be without ya
Girl, you got me open off your love when I'm around you
You can be my queen, what I say is what I mean
Let me show you that this man is not a boy, but he's a king
I want you in my world, let's have a babe, girl
Let's build a foundation, we can make this life, work

[Masta Killa]
How beautiful is she, to have the God Degree ready
Veggie stirred fried, with the cabbage inside
Pretty feet, pretty hands, there she lie tanning
Blending with the sand, I docked the yacht
Stepped a shore, greeted the Queen
As only a King should, unvailed the hood
Kneel as she stood, before me
She spoke softly, but as, she stood naked
With the bow-legged stance, so sexy
Sweet temptation, look how the rain come down
Your hormones pound, you moan with passion
Uterus contracting, time for some action
Cream rising, your breast at attention
Who is the original man? Got you quoting
Lookin' in the mirror, you ride, I hold it open
Short long stroking to death

[Interlude: Savoy (Masta Killa)]
Ooooooooooh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Come on, come on, come on, come on, on, on, on
(Yeah, yeah, yeah) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Masta Killa]
And the drama stay major, I need a genie
If you can hold the wait, then come and see me
I'm guaranteed to make it rain, every spring but, uhh
I know you love me, even when you cursing me out
Waited up til the candles burnt out
Ah-hah, please forgive me, I'm out here scrapin'
Drapin' niggas up, stackin' and takin'
A whole lotta paper, it's gonna take years and years
For me to express, the love elevation
The hell we go through, gives me the motivation
To get it right, makin' up at night
It's all worth the aggrevation, black woman through you
I'mma build me a nation, nation... Gods and Earths

[Outro: Savoy]
Don't wanna be without you
Build us a nation, of Gods and Earths, yeah
Don't wanna be without you
It's a love spell, it's a love spell
It's a love spell...