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Artist: Masta Killa
Album:  MK Exclusives/Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style *
Song:   Shaolin Temple (a/k/a "Killa") *
Typed by: Masta10304@HotMail.Com

* one of 3 hidden tracks on the Playstation game CD

[Masta Killa]
Intruder alert, sound the cymbol
This be the war of the Shaolin Temple
It's time to restack my gun
We the ones that'll come through and smack sparks out your art
With the exception of a few that respected it for what it was
Sick venomous sydrome, studied many styles
But this tactic I've adapted and made it my own
Feelin rightness at it at home, splittin your head with the chrome
He's one who sees he's a threat
He couldn't have made it through, all the bad seeds and quarentines
We hit him with explosive gases, so he couldn't teach the masses
But still, who came in the name of Wu-Tang to nourish the brain?

*instrumental until 1:42*

Repeat verse