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Artist: Masta Killa
Album:  MK Exclusives
Song:   Throwback
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Masta Killa]
So patient, they sat there in the aisles and waited
For the testimony, hungry, for a statement from the one and only
Thristy for the ceremony at hand, true Wu die hard fans
Now look how we rock, make 'em freestyle drop, old school like the Wop
My grandaddy used to do this dance called the Slop
I keep it hip hop for ya'll, we don't stop
Got ladies by the flock, no safety on the glock
Stop, look and listen when the semi-auto's pop, your neck
Mock with the rope, who can match palm
I'm strong as a nuclear bomb, dangerously armed
Have you not prepared yourself, you've been warned
Gun shot to the informer, Killa Bee Swarm
Caught 'em on the corner of Lavonia
Reported missing, found him in the fetal position
Shot twice, armed with the rocket
Blind for the target, deaded on arrival
Suspenseful, kill or be killed, pass the rifle

--instrumental break--

[Masta Killa]
Got to have hip hop music, can't live without it
Niggas wanna see you without it, I wouldn't doubt it
You better stay bout it, on to the break
Face on fist, Wu-Gambino for life, you heard of Noodles
East New York militant, ready to kill
Still drop Universal Truth, when I build
Make time stand still, in the reign of steel
Blew breath in his body
Tought her how to take aim, and cock shotty
Soon the gates, spray the paves
Rough cut Timberland stuff, kick your teeth
Back in the days...