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Artist: Masta Killa f/ Jamel, Justice, Shamel
Album:  No Said Date
Song:   The Future
Typed by: CnoEvil@Wu-Lyricz.Com

[Jamel a/k/a Assassin]
Yo, yo, Wu-Tang Clan, still fatter
Off the datas, for, my father gonna get home by now
And Uncle Justice, we gotta hurry up
Do this video, Wu-Tang

[Shamel a/k/a Dragon Breath]
Yo, I block the bronze, the Kid Golden Arms
I tear by shorty, with the Iron Palm of Dragon Breath
Burn through your body, you see about
A head Gotti, for Balardi, for Malatti, I'm scratchin' the table
Scratchin' the trashboard, lost laws
Of Dragon Breath, is like an Iron fire

[Jamel a/k/a Assassin]
Quote getter

[Kareem a/k/a Justice]
I'm a snake cat from way back, that'll snap on ya'll eenie
Cuz ya'll too wack, and plus I need a snack
This is a dangerous fact, so step back
Before I pull a whole clip in my --

[Jamel a/k/a Assassin]
Be in subzero, my ice power go like a river
My nigga Tero, I'm all set, with my ice power
Niggaz don't mess with me, I'm the Assassin
AS to a S, AS, IN, you can't mess with me
My praying mantis is deadly, my praying mantis is poisonous
It goes through your bloodstream
It goes through your bloodstream
Everybody go through they bloodstream
My praying mantis is deadly, you end up in a hospital
You better shut up, before I put one
In your praying mantis, man