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Artist: Masta Killa
Album:  No Said Date
Song:   Masta Killa
Typed by: CnoEvil@Wu-Lyricz.Com

[Intro: sample (Masta Killa)]
You are watching a master at work..
(Haha, haha, yeah, haha...)

[Masta Killa]
Steppin' live in the place, smackin' blood out his  face
It's the principal, don't get it wrong
What I do to eat, is nothing  in comparison
To what I do to keep, self up, write and exact
Sway the mac'  if I have to defend the castle
Slang lasso, ropin' them til they  recoup
Pass the keys to the Coupe, it's cute for wiz to scoot off, '95  north
Cut from the cloth of king, who bare struggle
In this life line,  theology of time
Move with our major motion to the mic
The recite the dart  that I have written
Light exists in the darkness, instant gratification
How far can you travel the mic spar?

[Interlude: Bruce Lee sample (Masta Killa)]
Water is the softest  substance in the world
At yet, it can penetrate the hardest, rock
Or,  anything granite, you name it
Umm.. water also is insubstantial; by that I  mean
You cannot grasp hold of it, you cannot punch it and hurt it
(Yeah,  yeah, yeah...)

[Masta Killa]
See the God light gleam so bright, I gain birth to
That  you attract you, heart so fuller
Make you wanna pull your trigger and get rid  a
Shiny bald militant head like Lou Gassid
He's walkin' with the shiner's  lamp of knowledge
Glory be the law, with the justice sword
Supreme being,  all I seeing, radiant son
Imperishable absolute, ya'll  salute
Approximately three mil', bodies like an empty vessels
I must fill,  check where I came from
Any God's son I made sun, is my son
In this scene,  lesson number one, for the dumb
If he ain't true and living, son, then I  never heard of one
Pack your gun, one on one, come and get some

[Interlude: Bruce Lee sample (Masta Killa)]
Water... now you put water  into a cup..., it becomes the cup
You put water into a bottle, it becomes the  bottle
You put it in a tea pot, it becomes the tea pot
Now water can flow,  or it can crash..
Be water, my friend... (yo, heh, yo)

[Masta Killa]
Yo, I bought this eye-red, no colors allowed
Well how  then, give me a few, just listen
Instead of wasting time, try'nna grab them  back
The dominant magnetic will always attract
The under-life, quoting  him, describe the beat
Now Eminem, for example, just another sample
Of  your worst nightmare, coming back at you
So beautiful designed, the places of  time, to see
Everything that has been, always will be
Now figure out the  riddle, the never ending cycle
Born in his self, back into the circle
I'm  thankful for the blessing, testing of the lessons
Answers and questions,  trials and tribulations
That were set upon me, it's hard for some to  see
But it's clear as day to me..

[Outro: Bruce Lee sample]
Be water, my friend..