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Artist: Masta Killa
Album:  Loyalty Is Royalty (S)
Song:   Loyalty Is Royalty
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Masta Killa]
Yo, listen, tonight'll be exquisite
Behold the magnificent, garments stitched from the best simstress
Persian gold wolven, silk linen
Diamond red rubies and my crown heavy
Clark Wally boots, suede with the French braid
Preparing for the greeting, peace princess
You truly are a beauty behold
I would love to have you as my guest, serving you the best
Watching you unwind, the pleasure's all mine
While I'm chasing your speed, words of seduction, sexual tones
I was wondering, if I take you'll home, would you grow in
Over in, I'm in the zone while I'm watching you dance
And I'm thrown by your passionate moans and the sounds making me

[Chorus: male singer]
Loyalty is royalty, loyalty is royalty
Loyalty is royalty, I'm so glad I found you
So glad I found you... (so glad)

[Masta Killa]
Oh, she so sexy and she so sweet
This hot little mama, I always wanted to meet
Oh, indeed you are, yes, beautiful command your squad
My starship taking you up, I love it how you flexing
When you steppin' in the lobby, cream royal lioness
Allow me to express, she smelling real delicious
Bringing out my hot, cool and vicious
Well built, butter soft skin, hair silk
Intelligent, profession, paralegal on your hardcore
You need a man to hold you down every now and again
And love you like a genuine friend, yeah

[Chorus 3X]