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Artist: Masta Killa
Album:  Noodles Pt. 2 (S)
Song:   Noodles Pt. 2
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Masta Killa]
Uh, now without disturbing our guest, moving casual
My mens vested, underneath they're double-breasted
Business as usual, nothing personal, punctual, seizing your lobby
Right on schedule, Gods took, tired and stripped
Uniform switched, I'm still entertaining this chick
But I don't trust shit, sipping 'paine, checking her frame
I'm brain picking for a quick sec, the lights clicked off
Music stopped, crowd moans, what's going on, she says
Ok, everything resumes a norm, computer room took
Now we in the system
The vault got a hundred million, ninja men scaling the ceiling
The building owned by the billionaire King Don Amondrion
He sold arms, had his hands in all wealth
Private jets, fleets of the best stretch, Benz, Lex
Jewel thief, he made millions off petroleum
He had diamond mines, robbing them blind, the feds owed him favors
So he hired Keisha, but the juks is already on
Swiftly, they moved in the don, politely
He's being escorted by an armed soldier, no one even noticed
Everything calm, nothing alarmed, couples mingled
As nothing was going on, but a few of the don's men
Sensed something was wrong, so wanna approach him with a smile
The don, told him carry on, he saw that his king was in check
And one wrong move could mean death, so he backed up
To round his crew up, now meanwhile back in VP status
Shorty winding, bump and grinding, sipping Sangria
Suddenly, the hour became Amaretto Sour, but son came to whisper
Keisha, I think we need ya, the don has been taken
She jumped quick, slip the 2-5 from her guard
And cocked it back, slick, gave a look, if she was trynna figure
Is he down? Worth attentions wrong, for a quick sec
Gave the perfect opportunity, for a smooth exit
They had the don with the mack to his head
We want the code to the vault they said
Now nervously his hand shakes, his heart racing
He fumbles with the combination, time wasting
So they smacked him, had him leaking from the nose
They told him, one false move, and your whole team goes