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Artist: Masta Killa f/ Kurupt
Album:  Selling My Soul
Song:   Cali Sun
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Kurupt]
Yeah, you know, problem with most of these niggas nowadays
They don't got no respect
See, life ain't just about all that other shit you looking at, my nigga
It's why I post with the homeys who smoke, drink, raise kids
And make this muthafucking money, you hear me?

[Masta Killa]
My Killa Cali gangstas'll ride for me
Got brothers in the Bay that'll die for me
Got the best weed smoke, choke, no seeds
Mexican, Crip, Blood, we all one seed
Shout The Game, Snoop, Cypress Hill, B-Real
A real soldiers like Pac, got to still feel
Source still ride dirty with the fifth steel
Got Kurupt, Young Gotti, with the semi shotty
My brother Power in the May', count big money
The Cali sunshine but it ain't all sunny
Brothers dying everyday and I pray for 'em
Corner soldiers in my heart where I still hold 'em
I feel I owe 'em, my brothers coming home from parole looking swoll
Young and old, time to get gold so let's roll
These words that I write and recite is for your soul

Indo weed, extra green
Text ya, extra, orange and green
Next to Inspectah Deck, it seems
Gorilla Masta Killa, and Young Gotti
I gotta hit New York, and push past the kush hash
Big Snoop and Daz, roll and push pass
Indo weed, feeling fine
I'mma do this real, then begin at nine
See I'm cut from a different cloth
I'm cut from a different cloth
Bodyguard hard, ya'll niggas is soft
See ya'll niggas ain't loyal
You don't know how to stay down
Play your position, get in where you fit in
Fit in the function, you'se an undercover clown
I was born to push a concrete lie
I change lives, I enhance minds
I'm Magneto, Magneto and Neo
The one that controls the metal at all times
If you look, you find, close eyes to blind