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Artist: Masta Killa
Album:  Selling My Soul
Song:   Things Just Ain't the Same
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Grace Jones "The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game" sample]
What's this whole world, coming to
Things just ain't the same

[Masta Killa]
Leather gooses, sheep skin coats and bombers
British walkers, shark skin tailor made
Playboys black suede, three finger rings
Name plate, rope chains, BVD nylon
Gazelle frames, matching with the Kangol hat
You couldn't have that, brothers might snatch that
Flashback, 1-90 E, with the mock neck
Lease suits, 25, nigga, we shoot
Fresh blue and white Puma, or the track night
Shelltoe Adidas, with the fatter, no laces
Late night, summer time jam, we in the park
DJ cutting, MC spitting his dart
A Sergio Tacchini brown suede ballet
Jay cross town to Delancey, jew the jew now
Fresh leather winter weather, maximum spoiler kit
Legendary deuce flicks, Slick Rick
Run-DMC, Jam Master Jay, hah
Wu-Tang Clan, Scott LaRock, KRS-One
Damn, brothers like Pun, hah
I had a Jaz-O tape, me and my crew, hah
Walk the avenue, sky was blue, half past two
Used to Cold Crush, M-O Dee, Treacherous Three
Spoonie Gee, Busy 'Killa' Bee
Crack never kept him high longer than five minute
Wallabee Clarks of course, silk and linen
Jumbos two for five, come and get it
Mama cried, tears of fear, when I was wilding
Saying 'please don't wear that, people getting killed for that'
Latin Quarter, Union Square, you had to be there
The Fever, MC Global
Ripping the armory, this is hip hop to me

[Hook: Masta Killa]
A few years ago, a friend of mine
He had to go away and do some time
Before I kick this rhyme that I'm about to say
I got a letter he wrote, and it went this way

[Masta Killa]
Yo, let's shoot the fair one, take it to the back of the building
A Train to the Junction where the Gods is building
Valor Fila suit, fresh from Simon's
Canal Street jewelry, door knocker earrings
Leather skirt, Louis Vitton, Yves Saint Laurent
Polo goose weather, Benetton, Audi or the rag top Jetta
Lumberjack, mink Jew hat, suede front sweater, quarter filled leathers
Triple beams used to measure, waves to the side
Three sixty round the back, before the flat top
Stone love classics, silver hawk athlete
Live at the Biltmore, my flow cocoa libio
You can never catch my super rhyme Kurtis flow
I fifty two head to toe, crazy hummer side
Tomahawk, streets I walk, Hardy Boy sex boys take money
Riker's Isle, nobody smiling, jolly stompers
Sing Sing, Spotford, TNT NARCs, they rush and try to knock us
Halloween masked up, buck fifty stitch cut
Lands of the kings and Tuts, peace Sauron
Latif, little Shareef, brother AD
High school cutting out to Coney Island Beach
I prepared this lesson, and read directions