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Artist: Mac Lethal
Album:  Irish Goodbye
Song:   Aviator
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

None of you
Even have a clue

Aviator fly, take 'em really high
Never even see my competition in the sky
Aviator fly, super duper high
Take the mask away and kill the oxygen supply

[Verse 1]
The sky in June, it looks dark maroon
I shovel out pieces of my heart with a spoon
I'm in my El Camino, I park on the moon
See, these are fucking tears of joy, just tears of joy
I'm saying fuck this, no congratulations from the people I came up with
All of them are hating on me, saying I'm a punk bitch
Fuck it, though, I ain't even looking twice
Y'all should have worked hard, been humble, and took advice
Ugh, I gotta lotta alcohol inside me
I love my fans cause I know that half of y'all are like me
And even if you don't like me, please show respect to the fact I'm trying to liberate your psyche
Freed up, I mean I'm trying to free up people
And if you know an artist, tell him that need a people
It's time to readjust the kick in the snare level
It's like (wincing at a rock killed hair metal)?


[Verse 2]
So happy New Year's, motherfuckers
It's looking like I've never gotta work at Fuddruckers
It's looking like the only thing I gotta do is be creative
That's the reason that I do it, I don't do it to be famous
No sir
Do I thank God for giving me my talent?
Or do I thank my chemical imbalance?
The generously gentle and degenerate jackass
Hate is not the new, it's just primitive backlash
Yes sir
So readjust your bow tie, readjust your suit
Every single one of you still needs us, this the proof
And death can't stop me, it's a beautiful obsession
I'm going past the light like a funeral procession
Freed up, I mean I'm yelling kingdom come
I always walk to the beat of my own drum
I always walk to the beat of my own drum
And I stand by the words that come from my own tongue


[Verse 3]
From Abbie Hoffman to Andy Kaufman
I'm gonna be buried in the candy coffin
I'm gonna rap hard hoping it'll pay bills
Or I'll blow birds up like I'm Randy Johnson
Looking in the mirror saying, “Damn, he's awesome”
Briefcase of money, going mansion shopping
Fall bar, nice glass of brandy popping
Jaguar pool, exotic plants, and dolphins
Parents these days in the 90s
Used to say that “Hanson's awesome, Pearl Jam rules!”
Guys in tight jeans with girl shampoo
If magic stopped being sick the world can, too
And so can you
It's overdue
So suck a little juice from the soulful fruit
Stop running 'round with such a fucking hopeless crew
And get down Black Clover fool
Certified gangsters