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Artist: Mad Skillz
Album:  From Where???
Song:   It's Goin' Down
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

(Go down baby) --> KRS-One
(Go down baby)
It's goin down baby
It's goin down baby
It's goin down baby
It's goin down
It's goin down baby
It's goin down baby
It's goin down baby
It's goin down

[ VERSE 1 ]
I be that nigga bringin fat funk freestyle perspectives
Rappers couldn't see me if they hired fuckin detectives
Check this when I bless this, put it on point
That nigga Skillz droppin vocals in your local juke joint
I'm still payin dues and slayin crews
Still gettin up in niggas' asses like their little brothers' Underoos
Shoes how it's hittin in your ear
It ain't news, I stay on bitches like Donna Karan gear
At parties I rip mics and make niggas wanna fight
So when they play some reggae, keep pepperseedin to the right
Right outta my life, you and your hottie bitch
You see, your style's a body - with a no- in front of it
VA runnin shit, you best be believin
That if I'm up and comin, all y'all niggas is down and leavin
Hit me with a pound when I come to your town
When you see my face, you know it's 'bout to go down

It's goin down baby
It's goin down baby
It's goin down baby
It's goin down

[ VERSE 2 ]
Now if I told you once I done told you before, child
You can't touch one kid who got 2 billion styles
Meanwhile when it comes to mics I be cheatin
I'm destined to find new ways of ill emceein
I'm real with this, I come off like a scab
It's the dread heads checkin for repesentin North Ave.
Kids pack Tecs, I pack techniques
Lyrical contact, now I'm strapped for the streets
Freaks be eyein, niggas be tryin
But standin next to me can result in lyrically dyin
I wrote the rhyme that broke the next rapper's back
So before you run up in my face, fool, remember that
Advanced in the art of maintainin
While rappers be gettin folded like lawn chairs when it's rainin
Natural born MC, don't attempt to eff around
Lettin off like four-pounds, now bust how it go down


[ VERSE 3 ]
Yo, my section be mic-checkin and MC-deckin
You can bump me, I ain't country, I never say I reckon
So wack MC's should chill with their persistence
Cause the minutes that I freestyle can probably triple your existence
I make beats distort, rappers be gettin caught
I swear all MC's be samplin my fuckin thoughts
It's on when I hear the metronome
( ? ) your show? Nah, nigga I booby-trapped your microphone
Droppin rappers in black hole, hell or heaven
Pullin girls that's swoll like Pam Grier in '77 
You can't work a verse past it
Cause when I come in niggas start breakin wind like thick jackets
Gettin they ass kicked, lyrically breakin backs
My shit is hot, my record company shouldn't be fuckin pressin wax
(You gon' represent, nigga?) Nigga, how that sound?
Check your battle stats, cause it's 'bout to go down


It's goin d-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-own

(Go down baby)