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Artist: Mad Skillz
Album:  From Where???
Song:   Move Ya Body
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ VERSE 1 ]
On the real, I freak techniques and beats in my sleep
The mack back in action, show skills when I speak
Watch my shit leak when I bring it to your face
I still corner dimes, but in the nine I'm on a paper chase
Glass rocks, mega tops, Timbs on your block
Holdin heat like crock pots and keepin g's in my socks
(So, what's up, ock?)
I got to keep it tight like seams
Cause ain't no fiends
Comin in between me and my dreams
See what I mean, black?
I keep it real like that
Eff a "Word is bond"
I need stocks and bonds from these ill raps
Rappers won't see me with contacts, friend
So please act you got a Siamese twin and think again
Cause in the end I starts off with flavor
Next to bless yo chest with freestyle fantasia
Smooth behavior, seein rappers as illusions
Meanin they disappear but I'm hear to keep you movin

(Everybody, move your body)  --> The Notorious BIG
(I don't fake jacks, kid, you know I bring it to ya live)  --> Havoc

[ VERSE 2 ]
See, I don't get writer's block, yo, I block other writers
And there's been nights I had to wear sniper attire for biters
Don't make that same mistake and get scarred, retard
I see that tape you listenin to got you thinking that you hard
But dig this - cut your hair and get your name on your stomach
I still find ways to make your whole rap career plummet
Maintain, I still rip mics out of the frame
But now people think they know me cause they know my real name
While I stay same, doin shows and tours
Somewhere in a fat whip playin Sega in the dashboard
Styles have soared and flown steadily
Trappin MC's in Mazes forever like Frankie Beverly
You know the steez, I'm bringin beats to they knees
Holacaustin MCs and see some g's before I breeze
That's how it be's, it's no doubt that I
Got to bring it to your chest as I bring it to you live

[ VERSE 3 ]
So from this point on until the day that they bury me
I'll still be on a hunt tryin to snatch this currency
Puttin my peeps on while friends turn fake
They get pissed thinkin I be in Switzerland checkin some real estate
Dropping LPs every year
Somewhere in a mansion with a butler named Vincent Jeffrey Belvedere
I'm rare, but rappers ain't tryin to hear
The reason why their girl freestyled her number in my ear
It's my year, son, and I ain't tryin to slip
I'm tryin to collect props and get knots that stretch money clips
Honey-dips, I keep 'em on like low end
So eff five-o, I'm legal, yo, so we ain't got to go there
So unfair how I do wack crews shady
They wanna be next up, their style sucks like a new baby
They can't faze me, mics and man fusion
Beats I keep bruisin, do your thing and keep movin