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Artist: Skillz f/ Black Thought
Album:  The Million Dollar Backpack
Song:   Hold Tight
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You got to hold tight, hold tight, hold tight, hold tight
Judge swing the gavel, cops swing the nightstick
You got to hold on tight, keep a tight grip
You got to hold tight, hold tight, hold tight, hold tight
You got to hold on tight, keep a tight grip
You got to hold on tight, cause you might slip
You got to 

[Verse 1 - Skillz]
Deal with the real, when it's got you seein red
And feelin like you felt when you was lookin over the edge
Soon as you get the light, they pull back the curtain
You workin for the system, but the system ain't workin
Pressure, they done got the best like that
Apply a little more and he just might crack
Who policin the police when they ain't legit?
No need for a notepad officer, I don't know shit
If it's jail I got bail, i ain't frontin
You might as well be Kanye, I +Can't Tell You Nothing+
Uh, and I don't have a clue
To what, where, why, who, do they things they do
No PC (uh) and see he got touched up
And y'all wonder why the youth out here fucked up
The laws got flaws, they ain't nothin new
Damn, is that a set of blue lights in my rear-view?

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs

[Verse 2 - Black Thought]
Yo, this shit remind me of my man Norman
He got to work two jobs, one as a longshoreman, one as a doorman
inside the Marriot, a couple times he spazzed
Smacked the shit out a faggot ass concierge
His wife she scared, he gon' get canned, they can't afford it
But what my man Norm can't stand, is being ordered
Around, by some clown, that's besides the point
He just paroled for five years inside the joint
And money tight, so he workin all nights at the waterfront
Tryin to get the paper for the swingset his daughter want
Let her know that when he was locked, he only thought of her
Even though he guilty of the crimes that they caught him for
Robbin a photographer, told him give his wallet up
Pampers cost more than six quarters, I ain't got enough
You would of thought he walked into a bank and shot it up
Throwed away, the cops came and got him in a squat car

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs

[Verse 3 - Skillz]
Hold tight, when you in the spotlight
When everything you ever wanted, now you got right?
Plan A was your only plan
They say fame is the worst drug known to man (huh)
The bigger the buzz, the bigger the love
And now your niggaz sayin you ain't the same nigga you was
You figure it cause, you a little higher in the game
Yeah it's clear that you high, but you high off the fame
Once you lose it, you back in the slow lane
You got change, but you can't buy more fame
Back then chicks wanted to get with you
But nowadays they don't even want pictures
Tryin your best to stay out the slammer
And the bloggers sayin that you the brand new Hammer
Fillin out a job app around the way
The manager say "didn't you have a hit back in the day?"

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs