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Artist: Mac Dre f/ E-40, Mac Mall
Album:  Da U.S. Open
Song:   Dredio
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[Intro: synthesized voice-over]
This program will be temporarily interupted
Everyone, including freaks, has been contaminated
By the radio activity

[Verse 1: Mac Dre]
R, A, D-I-O,
Finna throw this thing back like G.I. Joe
Lyin' though, Decepticon
They kinda like Cafe Escalon
Glass packed, El Da Rock
Had a snub .38 before I held a glock
Twenty-sackin', hear me slappin'
Niggas go dumb when they hear me rappin'
So quick, I'm dumpin' and I'm clappin'
If somethin' finna happen, Thump in my lap then
Rat-a-tat, tat-a-tat-tada,
She won't give in to ya? Let me have at her!
Ladies, women, girls, broads,
Miracle paints at Earl Scheib
It really don't matter what I strike
Bet they still buy me what I like

It's that radio, activity [2x]

[Verse 2: Mac Mall]
D-Boy baby mama actin' roudy outside,
Roudy outside, roudy outside
D-Boy baby mama actin' roudy outside,
"Later!" for that shit, we don't fuck with 'em like swine
Actin', maxin,
Blappin' automatics
Savage to extensive damage
Havin' sucker-absent
Man, look at baby - she want me to tap it!
If I hit it once, she gonna jock me & trap it
Strip the game naked like Mac & Magic Mike
And I come from the slum where life is trife
But tonight, pass the Remy right
To a Mac, like a Gucciano blessing the mic
Cutthroats in the building, and you know they high
Chasise sayin' "Mac'n, yo flow so tight!"
For real, Side Show
Smokin' Backwoods with my folks


[Verse 3: E-40]
(Look out, pimp!) Urkel, Blue, Welch's Grape
Vallejo, Cali-fool-ya: Planet of the Apes!
Where we shroom the coon & push work
Snort dog-poop, pop pills & Purp
They go, go bezerk, when they hear this black,
Hit the intersect, figure-8, and back
E-40, Dre & Mall put the 'V' on the map
For the last decade, carried the Bay on my back
Daddy-long like pimp perms, slicker than word-s-perm
I'm on the radio like Howard Stern!
40 Water got money to burn,
I'ma be here for awhile, y'all gotta wait y'all turn
Heavy watch lift weights on my wrist
Pull dime duces? Stay & I'm fit
So you know I can take your bitch
Nigga better Tucker like Chris!