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Artist: Mac Dre
Album:  California Livin' 12"
Song:   Times R Gettin Crazy
Typed by: Matt Jost

[ VERSE 1: Mac Dre ]
Can't leave the house without packin my gun
Cause nowadays thangs ain't so clean
You're either dope-dealin or bein a fiend
Too much stress on a young man's brain
Smokin that dank to deal with the pain
Much love for the brothers in the crew
But who in the crew will be here in '92?
Every damn day I see funk
Brothers gettin killed, throwin in a trunk
Dopefiend mothers sellin sex
Welfare mothers waitin for checks
Pops in the bathroom shootin hop
Tell it my brother when does it stop
I gotta get a grip, can't let it faze me
I'm standin strong cause times are gettin crazy

[ VERSE 2: Mac Dre ]
Brothers search hard for that perfect life
Five-bedroom home, two kids and a wife
Dog in the back by the swimming pool
Everbody wants to be living cool
But to have these things you must have hope, mayne
Can't get wrapped up in the dope game
It ain't cool, you better stay far
Life is much more than rings and a car
Girls gettin pregant before it's time
Havin babies and don't have a dime
Think baby, don't be a fool
You better wait till things get cool
Keep a hat for yo man's jimmy
Safe sex - but you don't hear me
Wake up, you can't be lazy
Cause times are gettin crazy

[ VERSE 3: Mac Dre ]
Children - from the black minority
Locked down in the Youth Authority
DeWitt Nelson, Washington Ridge
These are places they lock down kids
It ain't right, it wasn't meant to be
We don't belong in no penitentiary
You got a talent? You better use it
Pick up a pen and write some music
And if not, boy, play sports
Get to hoop-ballin', hit the courts
The dope game just ain't cool
You better try and stay in school