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Artist: Mac Mall f/ Ray Luv
Album:  The Rebellion Against All There Is
Song:   The Rebellion Against All There Is
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[ VERSE 1: Mac Mall ]
Me against the world, and the odds in my favor
Me against the Babylon system, want to enslave us
Me against the unjust, judicial slave traders
Me against the corporate environmental rapist
The government that hate us
We elect politicians, for pay-off they betray us
A system ran by sadists
Land of the free - ain't that way for me
Uncle Sam want blackman hangin from a tree
Or in penitentiary for century
Devil want me on my knees, I'm fightin on my feet
Holdin court in the street, clappin heat at the elite
The rich get richer, they lie, steal, cheat
Bush dropped bombs on babies in Middle East
Never thought I'd see Obama do the same thing
Economy crashed cause of Wall Street robbery
And out here we survivin by the skin of our teeth
My cousin lost his job, so his kids barely eat
His boss got a bonus, folks homeless in a week
To peep the American Dream I guess you gotta be asleep
But I'm wide awake and I can peep reality
To stop insanity we got to bury the beast, deep
The government treat us like sheep
So rebel against the system and the lies that they teach
Rebel against the system and the lies that they teach

[ CHORUS: Mac Mall ]
Good morning America, time to wake the kids
And tell them that they only got one life to live
So while you here don't waste time with fear
Might as well rebel against all that there is

[ VERSE 2: Mac Mall ]
Don't believe the hype
No truth in the papers, the TV tell you lies
Don't know why some keep they head to the sky
But I get down for mine, face the devil eye-to-eye
They wanna keep you blind, they want you to buy
Consume, but that won't save your soul or free your mind
We runnin out of time, and I can see the signs
I'm hip to the con they run on mankind
I saw the documents and I can read between the lines
They wanna keep you prayin, they wanna keep you high
Now knowin that they're makin you slaves on the sly
People, break your chains, grab a gun, it's time to ride
Set fire to the evil empire
Yo turn to burn all the hypocrites and liars
Nigga, take yo freedom
We gotta die anyway, and this a good reason
I'm knowin what I say could be considered treason
But the powers that be is in need of a shock treatment
And I'm the one to flip the switch
Empty the clip and dump the devil in a ditch
So hurry, wake the kids, revolution time come
Don't matter what color you are or where you're from
Just answer the call when you hear the war drum
And I'ma set it off on the one

[ CHORUS: Mac Mall ]

[ VERSE 3: Ray Luv ]
Beware the rebel clerics, they bring the devil spirit
False prophet block God so you can't hear Him
Now look at what they doin, mislead the people ruin
This European Union unholy as their communions
Cabal of Dajjal just tryina influence
All the weak and the laws to give in to 'em
And I pray I don't fall for what the djinn do
And I speak on my balls because I been through
Love is pain in this masochistic masquerade
And crime pays only cause we in the last of days
My mind stays on new ways to make the rappin pay
But heart stays on new ways to make the master pay
I ain't a slave, ain't afraid to unmask my face
Cause I'm free and I'm brave from the master race
And I see through the games that the fascists play
Till the day that the casket lay
[ CHORUS: Mac Mall ]